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Description of the Learning Center
Hours of Access
Eligibility for Use
Reserving the Learning Center
Accessing the Learning Center
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Directions to the Learning Center (.pdf file, 22 kb)

Description of the Learning Center Back to top

Taubman Health Sciences Library maintains a computer training facility in Room 2802 of the Medical Sciences II Building.  Its purpose is to support programs taught or co-taught, or sponsored or co-sponsored, by the University Libraries.  The room features 23 PC workstations for attendees plus an instructor's workstation and a ceiling-mounted data projector. The operating system in use on all computers is Windows 7.  A partial list of the available software appears below.

Please note: Due to limitations on staff time it is impossible for us to install special software on our computers; they are offered on an "as-is" basis.

Windows Media Player
Mozilla Firefox
MS Word
MS PowerPoint
MS Outlook
MS Excel
MS Access
Internet Explorer
Adobe Reader
Please note: As of August, 2009 the computers in 2802 no longer have Photoshop.

Eligibility for Use Back to top

Though the Learning Center is for the support of programs taught or co-taught, or sponsored or co-sponsored, by the University Libraries, we will try to accomodate reservations for computer-aided instruction classes taught by faculty or staff in the Medical School, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, School of Public Health, College of Pharmacy or UMHS.  However, requests for reservations can only be made a maximum of two weeks prior to the date of the class, to ensure the greatest degree of flexibility for Library scheduling.  This means that, for example, a non-Library event planned for the 15th of a given month could not be booked in the Learning Center before the 1st of that month.  Also: please note that we do not install any software.

Hours of Access Back to top

The Library Learning Center can be scheduled for use from 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Reserving the Library Learning Center Back to top

To make a reservation or check the availability of the Learning Center, please email with the date(s), time(s), audience, and instructor name. Requestors will be notified of availability as soon as possible.  Please note the restrictions on scheduling events not taught, co-taught, sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library as outlined above under Eligibility for Use.

Accessing the Library Learning Center Back to top

At the time arrangements are made to reserve the Learning Center for your workshop/event, Library staff will be assigned to be present to open the room for you.

Lights are to the right as you enter the room. The lights can be manipulated to various settings. 

If there is a problem with equipment in the room that requires immediate attention, contact Desktop Support Services (Panagis Syrigos: 734-615-6174; Bill Kopinski: 734-936-3819). If it does not require immediate attention, please call the Taubman Library at 764-1210 or email

Please do not allow food and open beverages at the computers. Bottled water is the exception. Take food and soda breaks in the hallway.

When the Class is OverBack to top

1. Log off the instructor workstation.
2. Power down the LCD projector.
3. Make sure all workstations are logged off.
4. Switch lights off completely.
5. Make sure both doors to the room are locked as you leave.

Click here for directions to Rm. 2802 Med Sci II. (.pdf file, 22 kb)



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