Taking Advantage of Trends and Opportunities in Science and Medical Publishing

March 3, 2011

The U-M Medical School Office of Enabling Technologies and Taubman Health Sciences Library are pleased to Co-Present:

Taking Advantage of Trends and Opportunities in Science and Medical Publishing

Jasna Markovac, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor, Publishing and Related Business Development
University of Michigan Medical School
Wednesday, 16 March 2011
noon — 1:00 pm (lunch will be served)
Sheldon Lecture Room
G2115 Towsley Center
The current state of medical publishing is very dynamic and also very exciting. The migration of print publications to the electronic environment, especially with respect to content development and information delivery, offers many opportunities for new initiatives. As publishing moves away from the traditional book and journal formats, the content itself becomes much more important than the vehicle by which it is published. This trend provides authors with more opportunities to disseminate content and data in novel ways. In addition, it lends itself to the development of subject gateways, information communities and knowledge bases which provide a ‘one stop shop’ for access to large quantities of content in a given discipline.
The objective of this session is to discuss the future of medical publishing, both within the context of the University of Michigan Medical School and the broader scope of commercial and not-for-profit publishing organizations. We will explore ways to develop revenue opportunities that are built around the open access mechanisms supported by the various funding bodies. We will discuss some specific examples of how to take advantage of the online environment to maximize the visibility and the distribution of content.
• How to decide where to publish your research and your clinical studies.
• How to publish your textbook on a web site with interactive features.
• How to organize an information community to promote your department’s clinical and research activities.

About Jasna Markovac

Dr. Markovac received training in life sciences and earned a Ph.D. in human genetics at U-M. After several years in academics, she changed careers to join the Science Technical Medical publishing industry. For the past two and a half years, she has worked for U-M, first at the Library, and more recently at the Medical School, focusing on academic publishing initiatives, exploring new publication opportunities, and providing consultation services to faculty, staff, and students for all aspects of the publishing process.

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You can find a program flyer for Dr. Markovac's upcoming presentation, at http://sitemaker.umich.edu/enablingtech/files/markovac-3-11_flyer.pdf
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