Symposium on The Cultural History of Cartography

Thursday, October 25:

Palmer Commons: Forum Hall
9:00-9:15:  Welcome:  Valerie Traub, Karl Longstreth, Brian Dunnigan, Kevin Graffagnino
9:15-11:15  Travel, Commerce, Tourism       
Chair:  Scotti Parrish
Jordana Dym:  “‘A Prick’d Line’: Route Maps and Travel Accounts, 1600-1930”
Laura Williamson Ambrose:  “Moved to Travel: Dislocation and Domestic Mobility in Anna Trapnel’s Report and Plea
Jyotsna Singh:  Cartographies of the Guinea Coast and the Early Modern Slave Trade
James Akerman:  “Rivers, Roads, and Rails: Travelers and Maps in the Early United States” 
11:15-11:30  Break 
11:30-12:30  Technologies 
Chair:  Mary Pedley
Stephanie Leitch:  “Us and Them: Vespucci’s Triangle and the Geometry of Difference”
Lydia Soo:  “Early Modern Maps of London”
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:00  The History of Cartography Project:  Mary Pedley and Matthew Edney
Chair:  Karl Longstreth
2:00-3:30  Difference, Similarity, Classification
Chair:  Ellen Poteet
Marjorie Rubright:  “The Il-logic of Location: Getting Lost in Early Modern Atlases”
Susan Schulten: “Mapping the Population in the Aftermath of the American Civil War”
Martha Jones:  “Race, Space, and Citizenship in Antebellum Detroit: Rethinking the
        Power of Maps
3:30-3:45 Break
3:45-4:45 Ornamentation
Chair:  Betsy Sears
Kathryn Will:  “Mapping the Heraldic Field”
Ann Rosalind Jones:  “Allegories of the Continents in Sixteenth-Century Costume Books”
Friday, October 26:
University of Michigan Museum of Art: Helmut Stern Auditorium
10:00-10:15  Welcome: Valerie Traub & Karl Longstreth
10:15-11:45  Maps, Theater, and the Literary
Chair:  Valerie Traub
Gavin Hollis: “‘Bed work, mappery, closet war’: Shakespearean anti-cartography” 
Julia Carlson:  “Poetry, Print Culture, and the Making of the ‘Lake-District’”
Jonathan Zwicker:  “Stage and Spectacle in an Age of Maps: Kabuki and the Cartographic Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Japan”
11:45-12:00  Relocate to 1014 Tisch Hall for panel and lunch
12:00-2:00  Mapping the Americas (Eisenberg Institute panel and lunch)
Chair:  Michael Witgen
Neil Safier: “Fugitive Landscapes in Deep Time: Mapping Indigenous Migrations in Amazonia”
Jon Parmenter: “The Spatial Reconnaissance of Iroquoia, 1600-1775: Who Knew What, and When Did they Know It?”
Martin Brückner: “Cartography and the Gigantic: Wall Maps, Aesthetics, and Technology in Nineteenth-Century America”
2:00-2:30  Relocate to Art Museum
2:30-4:30  Perception, Fantasy, Time  
Chair:  Celeste Brusati
Gottfried Hagen:  “Time and Narrative in Ottoman Maps”
Bronwen Wilson:  “Insular Navigations”
Tom Conley:  “The Baroque Hydrographer”
Anne Herrmann:  “‘Naive Geography’:  Aleksandra Mir's ‘Switzerland and Other Islands’”




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