Reserving Group Study Space in the Shapiro Library

Reservations are made through Resource SchedulerNew users will need to create an account by entering an email address and clicking add. Please do not use your University of Michigan password. 

Room Reservation Tips

  • Make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance. The library cannot make same day reservations; however, open rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Use the Free/Busy function in Resource Scheduler to see availability before placing your request. Only time blocks in white are available.  If you change the date, click Display to update the room chart.
  • Groups are able to reserve space for up to 4 hours per day.
  • Requests may be made in advance through April 29, 2016.  At this time we honor only requests for the winter semester.
  • Most of the rooms can fit 4-6 people, with a few that fit 10-12.
  • Need to reset your Resource Scheduler password? Contact
  • Have more questions? Contact 734-764-7491 or

Room Amenities

Rooms on the 1st floor of Shapiro include more technology for your study needs. In Resource Scheduler select the Brainstorming Room, the Collaboration Room, the Editing Room or the Presentation Practice Room

2nd floor Group Study Space rooms contain tables, chairs and a dry erase board/chalkboard. Request the study space that best fits your needs.

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Last modified: 02/04/2016