Reserving Group Study Space in the Shapiro Library

To reserve group study space in the Shapiro Library you can place your request through our online reservation system, Resource Scheduler. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to create an account.

We do not accept same day reservations – if you want to use a room today, and it is not reserved, it is available to you on a “first come, first served” basis. Room availability is posted daily outside the room, as well as in the Free/Busy function, which you can access through your Resource Scheduler account.

Referring to these guidelines when making your request will make it easier for us to approve it.

When to make your request

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance; the earlier you make your request, the higher the likelihood that we will have a room available.

Request time limit

The maximum time block that you can reserve is 4 hours per day.

Choosing your capacity

When choosing capacity, we suggest choosing the lower end of your estimated capacity need. If you choose a lower capacity, there is a larger pool of rooms for us to choose from, giving you a higher chance of approval. The majority of our rooms hold 6 people. The largest room we have holds 12 people. You can view room capacity when using the Free/Busy function (see below for more information).

Using the Free/Busy Function

Your request is more likely to be approved if you select a time that has not already been reserved. To do this, use the Free/Busy function. Enter the date, desired capacity, and click “Display.” The blocked time is already reserved and the free space is available. Note during which period of time there is an available room and then select “New Request” on the home screen where you can request the timeslot you saw open. If you see that a Tech Suite is available, you must specify the open Tech Suite in your request.

You can also use the Free/Busy function to learn more about what each room offers. By clicking on the circle-i icon used in Resource Scheduler information links icon to the left of each listed room, you can find out the capacity of your room of choice, as well as the equipment available.

Tech Suites vs. Group Study Space

Group Study Space refers to all of the rooms on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of Shapiro and the two rooms on the 3rd floor of Hatcher. These rooms typically contain tables and chairs. The Tech Suites are the rooms on the 1st floor of Shapiro including the Brainstorming Room, Collaboration Room, Editing Room and Presentation Practice Room, which include computers for video and presentation project work. See the links on the Tech Deck's page for information on hardware and software in the Tech Suites. You can also view this information within Resource Scheduler, by clicking on the circle-i icon used in Resource Scheduler information links icon located in the Free/Busy function.

Important: If you select the Group Study Space option in your request, we do not have the ability to place you in a Tech Suite even if one is open. If you see a Tech Suite that is available, you must individually request that room.

Recurring Requests

Our study rooms are in high demand year-round, so it’s difficult for us to approve recurring requests. To increase the chances of getting your group a regular study space in Shapiro, you may wish to submit an individual request for each day you want to meet, so we don’t have to depend on the same room being open at that time each day. Also, please don’t try to reserve a Tech Suite for a recurring request.

Requests can be made for up to four months out from the request date. For example, if you are making a request on January 3rd, the last date we can approve you for is May 3rd. Finally, please don’t submit a recurring request unless your group will use the study space each day of your request.

Request Approval

Requests are approved manually by library staff. Reservations that have not yet been approved will appear as "Pending Requests." When library staff approve or deny the request it will move to "Reviewed Requests." To delete a request, click the “x” underneath the “Action” column.

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Last modified: 08/04/2014