Virtual Tour - Computer Islands 3rd floor

Large Computer Island, Greenland     Small Computer Island, Tahiti

The third floor of the Science Library contains two computer islands with a total of 17 Windows machines and 6 iMacs. Most require a UM uniqname and password to access, but a few of each computer type are available for guest use (there are more guest machines located on the 4th floor). Information on how to sign on as a guest is displayed on the login screen of machines with a guest account. Some databases, including SciFinder Scholar, are not accessable without a UMich ID.


Public Printers     Guest Printer & Copier

There are two public printers available to University of Michigan users, located by the large computer island. These draw from the assigned print allotment and are charged to your ITS Standard Computing Services. Items waiting to be printed can be viewed on the Science Library Print Queue monitor.

In addition, the MCard photocopiers on the third floor have printing capabilities.  Users with a UM uniqname may send documents to these machines via MPrint.

Guests may also print at the Science Library. The middle MCard copier, scipubcopy2-guest, also serves as the guest printer. Documents sent to this printer may be released with a guest MCard. Guest MCards are available from the Shapiro and Hatcher circulation desks in $2, $5, and $10 amounts. The cards cannot be recharged, nor can we offer refunds for individual print jobs. Defective cards can be replaced; ask at the nearest circulation desk if you think your card is defective.


Wireless internet access is also available on much of the 3rd floor (wireless coverage map). U-M affiliates can access the web on personal laptops and send items to the library's printers via MPrint.

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