Retired Faculty and Staff - What's New?

There are a number of ways that you can keep up to date on library news, news about resources the University Library has added, changes to databases, and new books that the University Library has added to its collections.

1. The Library web page posts regular updated information about a variety of library news such as new exhibits, new books, changes to Mirlyn, and major new projects.

2. Besides looking on the Library web page for this information, you can also subscribe to an RSS feed that will alert you when new entries are added to the Library Events section. To find out more about just exactly what an RSS feed is, consult the Wikipedia entry or this web page. The second link also sends you to some of the free RSS feeds. There is a Library research guide called Stay Alert! that has information about RSS feeds as well as other useful information about how to establish alert systems in various databases.

3. There is a library subject specialist assigned to each subject area. Many of those specialists regularly send out email about library news of interest to students and faculty in their subject area. You might have received this kind of email before you retired. If your department no longer includes you in its group email address and, therefore, you no longer receive updates from the librarian in your subject area, or if you wish to receive updates from other subject areas, please notify the subject specialist in that particular subject area. There is a complete list of selectors by subject area at

4. To find out what new titles the University Library has added in a particular subject area, go to and choose either the subject area or call number range that is of interest to you. You can further specify whether the books were added in the last week, two weeks, three weeks or the last month and you can limit the results to a particular library’s collection. An alternative way to do this is to subscribe to the RSS feed (described in point 2 above) for the new library books. To get new book information for other libraries outside the University Library system, such as the Law Library or the Business Library, please check with that individual library.

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