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Clay Lamp, Aegina. Kelsey Museum of ArchaeologyThe Library’s Arts & Humanities Team members support and enhance creative practice, research, teaching, and learning for arts and humanities disciplines across campus. We build and curate collections, provide consultation and instruction for research, learning, and data, and offer programming and services.


Barrow, Paul

Case, Beau (Head)

Castellana, Kristen

Cordell, Sigrid Anderson

Dennis, Scott

Garrett, Susan

Hallman, Phil

Imbesi, Jason

Keener, Alix

Pearce, Alexa

Price, Rebecca

Spencer, Deirdre

Vander Broek, Jamie

Verdiyan, Inna



Clay Lamp, Aegina. Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Liaison Subject Areas

Art & Design

Art History


American Culture

Classical Studies


Digital Scholarship

English Language and Literature

Fine Arts

History (American, British, Canadian, European)

Museum Studies



Screen Arts & Cultures

Theatre & Drama

Urban Planning


Library Collections and Services

Art, Architecture & Engineering Library

Art, Architecture & Engineering Special Collections

Donald Hall Collection

Hatcher Graduate Library

Fine Arts Library


Materials Collection

Music Library

Screen Arts Mavericks & Makers


Other Liaison Relationships

Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) 

Alumni Association


Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies

Institute for the Humanities

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Living Arts

Sweetland Writing Center

Recent Staff Publications & Presentations

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