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From the document Directorate of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) Advice to PIs on Data Management Plans:

MPS-supported research covers a broad spectrum of communities of investigators, from individual investigators on experimental and theoretical topics to support for users at national and international facilities to large national and international collaborations of investigators involving tens or hundreds of individuals.

MPS Divisions will rely heavily on the merit review process in this initial phase to determine those types of plan that best serve each community and update the information accordingly.

For many proposals to DMS, a statement that no data management plan is necessary will suffice, provided that a clear justification for this claim is given. All principal investigators should consult the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide for points to be addressed in a data management plan and its inclusion within a proposal.

Many of the proposals to DMS that require significant data management plans will be interdisciplinary submissions that involve the mathematical sciences and research topics, data, or collaborators from one or more other disciplines. In such cases DMS expects principal investigators to address the customary data practices of partner disciplines in their proposals’ data management plans, and reviewers are likely to be asked to comment on the suitability of those plans from the perspectives of the relevant disciplines. Principal investigators may find it useful to consult statements on data management plans from other divisions and directorates of NSF in the preparation of interdisciplinary proposals.

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