Useful Books

If you're interested in learning a little bit about papyrology or ancient history, check out one of these books. A more detailed bibliography of papyrology-related books is also available on our site. The books listed here are generally suitable for readers of all backgrounds.


  • P.W. Pestman, The New Papyrological Primer. Leiden 1990.
  • E.G Turner, Greek Papyri, an Introduction, 2nd. ed. Oxford 1980.


  • Alan K. Bowman, Egypt after the Pharaohs. Oxford 1990.
  • Naphtali Lewis, Life in Egypt under Roman Rule. Atlanta 1999. (reprint)
  • Jack Lindsay, Daily Life in Roman Egypt. London 1963.


  • Richard Parkinson & Stephen Quirke, Papyrus. University of Texas 1995.
  • Naphtali Lewis, Papyrus in Classical Antiquity. Oxford 1974.
  • J. Cerny, Paper and Books in Ancient Egypt. 1985.
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