Deep Blue, DLPS collections, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Archive

Scheduled MaintenanceScheduled Maintenance

Outage Status: 
 Sat, 28 Mar 10:30pm to Sun, 29 Mar 5:00am

Description of the Outage: 

Overnight on March 28-29 from 10:30pm until approximately 5:00am ET the listed services will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance by University of Michigan IT on the storage systems where the data for these services reside. The maintenance outage will begin at 11pm and is expected to take up to 5 hours, but Library staff will need time before and after the maintenance to bring services down and then back up.

We will update this outage when service has been restored and if there are any unexpected delays once the maintenance begins.

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Latest updates of the Outage to the public: 

This is a friendly reminder of the upcoming outage to DLPS collections, Deep Blue, and Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Archive this weekend. Please note the expected time frame of the outage is from 10:30pm ET on Saturday, March 28 until approximately 5:00am ET on Sunday, March 29.


Thank you.