Library Closed Outages

Library Outages keeps you informed of unexpected problems and planned maintenance affecting library services (i.e., Mirlyn, Search Tools, etc.), online journals, and online databases. If you are experiencing a problem not reported here, or to seek alternate sources of information to a currently-unavailable resource, please contact Ask a Librarian.You may see more information about an outage by clicking its title below.

There are: 84 closed outages
Outage Date Outage Title Outage Status
Sun, 21 Sep 7:35am Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Archive Closed
Wed, 17 Sep 9:00pm Mirlyn Closed
Wed, 17 Sep 11:42am HathiTrust Closed
Wed, 27 Aug 7:55pm Deep Blue Closed
Wed, 6 Aug 6:10am Deep Blue, Library proxy, Mirlyn Classic Closed
Mon, 28 Jul 5:00pm HathiTrust Closed
Fri, 25 Jul 8:00pm HathiTrust Closed
Thu, 24 Jul 6:02am Library proxy Closed
Thu, 17 Jul 3:00pm DLPS collections Closed
Thu, 10 Jul 12:30pm Hatcher and Shapiro networking Closed
Wed, 2 Jul 6:15am Deep Blue, Library proxy, Mirlyn Classic Closed
Tue, 1 Jul 7:00am Deep Blue, Mirlyn Classic Closed
Sat, 28 Jun 7:52am Mirlyn, Mirlyn Classic Closed
Sat, 7 Jun 5:45pm Mirlyn, Mirlyn Classic, Library User account functions such as renewals Closed
Tue, 3 Jun 2:43pm DLPS collections Closed
Fri, 30 May 8:20pm Mirlyn Classic Closed
Wed, 14 May 6:05am Deep Blue, Library proxy Closed
Mon, 12 May 8:30am Datamart Closed
Fri, 9 May 2:00pm Datamart Closed
Thu, 8 May 5:45pm HathiTrust Closed
Thu, 8 May 1:55pm HathiTrust Closed
Thu, 8 May 12:00pm Library website Closed
Wed, 30 Apr 1:35pm HathiTrust Closed
Thu, 17 Apr 6:45am Mirlyn Classic Closed
Tue, 1 Apr 6:37pm Deep Blue Closed
Tue, 1 Apr 3:33pm HathiTrust Closed
Thu, 27 Mar 6:05am Deep Blue Closed
Sun, 16 Mar 2:00am Deep Blue Closed
Fri, 7 Mar 9:25pm Mirlyn Classic Closed
Fri, 7 Mar 8:15pm Deep Blue Closed
Fri, 21 Feb 6:02am Library proxy Closed
Thu, 20 Feb 3:07pm HathiTrust Closed
Wed, 19 Feb 6:05am Deep Blue, Library proxy Closed
Mon, 3 Feb 12:10pm HathiTrust Closed
Tue, 21 Jan 4:55pm Deep Blue Closed
Tue, 21 Jan 1:45pm Deep Blue Closed
Fri, 17 Jan 8:25pm Mirlyn Classic Closed
Thu, 16 Jan 9:30am HathiTrust Closed
Wed, 15 Jan 12:37pm HathiTrust Closed
Wed, 15 Jan 11:20am Deep Blue, DLPS collections, HathiTrust, Library website, Library proxy, Mirlyn, Mirlyn Classic, All Other Networked Library Services Closed
Tue, 14 Jan 1:50pm HathiTrust Closed
Mon, 13 Jan 9:34am HathiTrust Closed
Fri, 10 Jan 7:00pm DLPS collections Closed
Wed, 8 Jan 4:45pm HathiTrust Closed
Wed, 8 Jan 6:25am Deep Blue, ARC, Datamart Closed
Tue, 7 Jan 3:30pm HathiTrust Closed
Tue, 17 Dec 6:00pm DLPS collections Closed
Sat, 14 Dec 12:40am Mirlyn Classic Closed
Wed, 11 Dec 4:18pm HathiTrust Closed
Fri, 6 Dec 8:15pm Mirlyn Classic Closed