Language Comes after Artist: A Selection of Books by Lynne Avadenka

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Lynne Avadenka.  Letters Make You Wise. No. 4 of 14 copies.

Huntington Woods, Michigan: Land Marks Press, [2000].


The simple message of this broadside echoes the artist's own wisdom.




Lynne Avadenka, in collaboration with Mohamed Zakariya.  Root Words: An Alphabetic Exploration.  No. 7 of 30 copies.

Huntington Woods, Michigan: Land Marks Press, 2001.

This structurally complex book interprets intertwined words in the Hebrew and Arabic languages on several levels. Seven related words are calligraphed by the two artists as the centerpiece of the work, mounted against a background of explanatory text on one side, and interpretative works of free-form calligraphy on the other, both by Avadenka. Avadenka suggests that similarities in the Arabic and Hebrew languages—both are based on a three-letter root word system—might make language the root of the problem between the two cultures as well as a possible solution.



Lynn Crawford.  Detail: For Lynne Avadenka.  No. 25 of 35 copies.

Huntington Woods, Michigan: Land Marks Press, 2003.

Detroit-based author and art critic Lynn Crawford wrote this short, six-paragraph piece after viewing an exhibition of Avadenka's work. Crawford selected six evocative words: line, volume, spine, jewel, terrain, and light, which became links in this richly imaginative work that is informed by the literary form sestina.



Lynne Avadenka.  Of the Making of Many Books There is No End.

Huntington Woods, Michigan: Land Marks Press, 2005.

Text from Ecclesiastes 12:12.  A broadside printed in celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Center for Book Arts, New York.