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This online exhibit of books and broadsides by artist and printer Lynne Avadenka is based on a physical exhibit that was on display in the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan from March to May 2013.  It was curated by Lynne Avadenka and Peggy Daub.

For more information about Lynne Avadenka's work, see

For more information about this exhibit, contact Peggy Daub at

For a slideshow of Lynne Avadenka's art exhibit at the Institute for the Humanities, see

The catalog for the joint exhibits can be seen at

The Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan has extensive collections of fine press books by Michigan Artists.  The printed works of Lynne Avadenka featured in this exhibit and the work of many other book artists are available for use in our Reading Room.  For more information, see:

The Art, Architecture, & Engineering Library at the University of Michigan also has a fine collection of artists' books. For more information, see: