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Language Comes after Artist: A Selection of Books by Lynne Avadenka

Book Artist Lynne Avadenka 2013

Detroit artist Lynne Avadenka has produced small-run, fine press books at her own Land Marks Press for 25 years. The books shown here are a selection of her work and celebrate her skill in merging the visual and textual. All make use of fine paper, binding and printing, and the author is Avadenka…

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From Trace to Text: Highlights from the University of Michigan Papyrology Collection

Papyrus fragments that have not yet been conserved or studied.

The University of Michigan Papyrus Collection is a premier collection of papyri, recognized worldwide for its great breadth and the excellence in research, teaching, and outreach it supports. Founded by the visionary Francis W. Kelsey, the Papyrus Collection has been the training ground for many…

From General Library to Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library

The Old Library before 1917

From General Library to Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library is an exhibit of photographs of the establishment and evolution of the University of Michigan Library and its major building, the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library. The Organic Act of March 18, 1837, established the University of Michigan. In…

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Translating Homer: From Papyri to Alexander Pope

Engraved Homer

This is an online version of the exhibit “Translating Homer: from Papyri to Alexander Pope,” which was on display at U-M’s Hatcher Graduate Library from August 9-October 7, 2012. Based on holdings from the Papyrology Collection and the Special Collections Library, the exhibit…

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