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Recent Exhibits

Singing the Antiphonary

<p>Detail of Mich. Ms. 246 (pag. 79)</p>

On August 26, 2014, led by Dr. Stefano Mengozzi, a group of six singers recorded a selection of Gregorian chant music at the St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To be precise, they sang from a fifteenth-century Antiphonary from the University of MichiganSpecial Collections…

Jell-O: America’s Most Famous Dessert: At Home Everywhere

Jell-O, America's most famous dessert (1916); p. 9-10

An exhibit highlighting materials from the University of Michigan Special Collections Library. First trademarked in 1897, Jell-O began its rise in popularity with the introduction in 1904of the prophetic slogan "America's Most Famous Dessert." Soon accompanying the slogan was the blonde Jell-O…

What Makes a Home

The topography of home

The University of Michigan AAEL Special Collectionspresents a new exhibit for the Fall 2014 semester:What Makes a Home. This exhibit highlights artists' books in the collection that utilize the themes of family and home. What Makes a Home also has a physical counterpart, which is open for public…