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Although famous for their athletic rivalries, there are many ways in which the two illustrious academic giants the University of Michigan and Ohio State University both cooperate and complement each other in the academic arena. One of these areas is their library holdings and services. Both are prestigious research libraries belonging to the Association of Research Libraries, with Michigan’s holdings approaching 8 million volumes campus-wide and Ohio State’s collection numbering close to 6 million volumes. Both are listed among the top 25 public universities nationwide in the annual rankings of U.S. News & World Report and are the premier universities in their respective states.

This is a collaborative project undertaken by the libraries and university archives of Ohio State University and the University of Michigan. The idea for a joint exhibit was proposed in 2001 by Fred G. Ruffner, Jr., a 1950 Ohio State graduate and resident of Michigan, who is the founder of Gale Research Company. In response, three different exhibits were created. One exhibit, created by the staffs of the Ohio State University Archives and the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan, explores the longstanding football rivalry of the two institutions by using information drawn from the archives and presented in a side-by-side comparison.

The other two online exhibits feature materials from the holdings of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library of Ohio State University and the Special Collections Library of the University of Michigan, and emphasize the scholarly collaboration between the two institutions. These two large libraries, with very broad and deep collections, naturally have many overlapping collections. But each also has materials that are unique. The two exhibits featured here show just a few examples of materials held at the University of Michigan that provide a rich documentation of Ohio's history and a reciprocal view of materials from the Ohio State University library that document Michigan's history. Use the buttons below to enter these exhibits.

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