MLibrary for Life

1st Annual MLibrary for Life Organ Donor Registration Drive

Thanks to everyone for making this year's drive a huge success! Over the course of 4 days (October 18-21, 2010), 5 University libraries and 2 campuses we talked to 797 students, faculty and staff members. 222 visitors stopped by to ask questions or pick up information, 352 were already registered as organ donors and 223 of them registered at our tables. That is potentially 4,600 lives saved and 28,750 lives improved by the gift of life!

If you would like to help with next year's drive by joining the planning committee or volunteering to staff a table, please contact

For more information about organ donation please visit Gift of Life Michigan.

Register to become an organ donor today!

A sincere thanks to all of the volunteers that made this effort possible!

Patricia Anderson,  Aaron Arzel,  Marcy Bailey,  Lori Barnette,  Emily Bloink,  Jane Blumenthal,  Jon Crane,  Rebecca Dunkle,  Whitney Field,  Rebecca Frank,  Laura Friesen,  Susan Garrett,  Amber Godair,  Steve Griffes,  Emily Hamstra,  Bethany Harris,  Jillian Hauk,  Tom Hubbard,  Kelly Illus,  Justin Joque,  Cathy Koning,  Lisa Langley,  Deborah Lauseng,  Scott Martin,  Donna McCauley,  Megan McGlynn,  Noah Meeks,  Benjamin Nanamaker,  Laura Nottley,  Leland Parsons,  Julie Pfeiffer,  Rebecca Price,  Preet Rana,  Merle Rosenzweig,  Sara Samuel,  Anna Schnitzer,  Carol Shannon,  Judy Smith,  Catherine Soehner,  Jean Song,  Deirdre Spencer,  Shannon Szalay,  Annie Szuch,  Agnes Thorne,  Jennifer Tislerics,  Lori Ann Tschirhart,  Betsy Williams 

Break down of statistics for each participating library
Total visitors: 797
Total registered at table: 223
Total already registered: 352
Total picked up information: 222
Total hours covered: 85 

Shapiro Undergrad Library (10/18-10/21)
Visitors: 141
Registered at table: 55
Already registered: 35
Picked up information: 51
Hours covered: 19 

Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library (10/18-10/21)
Visitors: 208
Registered at table: 52
Already registered: 104
Picked up information: 52
Hours covered: 20 

Taubman Health Sciences Library (10/18-10/21)
Visitors: 77
Registered at table: 16
Already registered: 34
Picked up information:27
Hours covered: 30 

Art, Architecture & Engineering Library (10/20)
Visitors: 111
Registered at table: 28
Already registered: 65
Picked up information: 18
Hours covered: 7 

Frances Willson Thompson Library-Flint (10/20)
Visitors: 260
Registered at table: 72
Already registered: 114
Picked up information: 74
Hours covered: 9

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