• Library Diversity Council members, 2014
  • 2013 Diversity Celebration_1 (L-R and T-B: Peggy Daub, Ye Li, Michael McLean, Sunny Smith, Kate Saylor, Darlene Nicols, Deirdre Spencer, Jeff Pearson, Scott Martin, Alex Rivera, Stephen Griffes, Gabriel Duque, Nick Lobaito
  • 2013 Diversity Celebration_2 (L-R and T-B: Ye Li, Peggy Daub, Kate Saylor, Stephen Griffes, Nick Lobaito, Darlene Nichols, Deirdre Spencer, Scott Martin, Bob Camp
  • 2012 Diversity Celebration (left to right and top to bottom): Darlene Nichols, Noah Meeks, Scott Martin, Ye Li, Deirdre Spencer, Walter Slater, Peggy Daub, Gabriel Duque, Steve Griffes, Jeff Pearson, Alex Rivera, Jamaine Wourman.  Not in photo: Bob Campe, Melissa Levine
  • 2010 Diversity Celebration (L-R): Shevon Desai, Martin Knott, Bob Campe, Jamaine Wourman, Walter Slater, Noah Meeks, Mary Sexton, Sue Wortman, Jeffrey Martin, Chris Butchart-Bailey, Donna McCauley, Charles Ransom, Janet Crayne. Missing: Karen Downing
  • 2009 Diversity Celebration (L-R): Tom Hubbard, Annette Haines, Chuck Ransom, Karen Downing, Bob Campe, Nicole Scholtz, Donna McCauley, Jeff Martin, Shevon Desai, Janet Crayne, Sinilga Wang. Missing: Renoir Gaither and Martin Knott.
Library Diversity Council members, 2014

Library Diversity Council


The University of Michigan Library values and celebrates diversity and aspires to be an organization characterized by high levels of intercultural competence resulting in improved resources and services for our broad community of users.

The Library Diversity Council advances the mission of the University of Michigan Library by providing leadership, support and development opportunities across all levels of the Library and the broader community in areas of diversity and inclusion.

The LDC:

  • organizes, supports, and leads activities to increase awareness and promote understanding about diversity issues, and to foster cultural competence among Library employees;
  • works in partnership with Library Administration to advance the library’s goals relating to diversity.

  • serves as a resource for Library staff on diversity concerns;

  • promotes the Library as a resource that supports the U-M community by demonstrating the value that diversity brings to everyday life and to the academic experience;

  • collaborates with individuals and organizations on a regional, national, and international level (as appropriate) to support a thriving climate for diversity.

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