Library Diversity Council Goals

Mission of the Library Diversity Council

The University of Michigan Library values and celebrates diversity and aspires to be an organization characterized by high levels of intercultural competence resulting in improved resources and services for our broad community of users.

The Library Diversity Council advances the mission of the University of Michigan Library by providing leadership, support and development opportunities across all levels of the Library and the broader community in areas of diversity and inclusion.

The LDC:

  • organizes, supports, and leads activities to increase awareness and promote understanding about diversity issues, and to foster cultural competence among Library employees;

  • works in partnership with Library Administration to advance the library’s goals relating to diversity.

  • serves as a resource for Library staff on diversity concerns;

  • promotes the Library as a resource that supports the U-M community by demonstrating the value that diversity brings to everyday life and to the academic experience;

  • collaborates with individuals and organizations on a regional, national, and international level (as appropriate) to support a thriving climate for diversity.

Library Diversity Council Strategic Framework

I. Council Internal Operations:

Maintain a well-functioning council.

  • Manage our archives and records

    • Regular minute taking, sharing, and posting approved minutes to staff intranet

    • Develop guidelines for where documents live and are archived

  • Ensure our documents are stored for easy access and historical record

    • Record LDC history in some form

  • Develop and maintain a long-term plan for effectively running LDC

    • Strategic Framework

    • Meeting ground rules

    • Annual retreat for new incarnations of LDC

  • Evaluate needs and develop regular opportunities for council members to continuously enhance intercultural competencies, leadership skills, and facilitation skills

  • Run a successful annual election

  • Create and review subcommittees charges and composition annually

  • Effectively manage operational budget

Subcommittees:  Archive, LDC History, Member Elections, Diversity Award, Strategic Framework & Goals


II. Visibility

Strengthen and promote the role of the U-M Library, internally and externally, as a hub on campus that welcomes and supports diversity, and demonstrates the value that diversity brings to everyday life and the academic experience.


  • Regularly advertise LDC events and news in the Library Newsletter and Library All Staff email

  • Encourage LDC and staff members to attend regional and national diversity events as LDC representatives, to learn and share

  • Participate in diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus

    • Connect with specific campus groups that LDC can partner with for holding student events and providing resources

  • Publicize LDC history

    • Create a method of making LDC history available to the public

  • Recognize annual Library Diversity Award recipient

    • Publicize award winner to all library employees and to the university community

  • Hold annual Diversity Celebration

  • Maintain a regular presence on social media to promote LDC events, share local and national diversity events, add to the public conversation on diversity, and to connect with other diversity groups

  • Develop scholarly and non-scholarly articles/reports that contributes to national discourse on diversity

Subcommittees: Communications & Marketing, Diversity Award, LDC History

III. Advisory

Serve in an advisory/consulting role with Library Administration (Dean and Executive Council), Senior Managers, Departments/Programs, and staff as appropriate


  • Consult regularly with Dean and Executive Council (EC)

    • LDC co-chairs meet approximately every 6 weeks with EC

  • Closely collaborate with the Diversity & Inclusion Librarian

    • Regularly consult with diversity and inclusion librarian to coordinate our diversity efforts

  • Collaborate with Library Staff Development to coordinate and support programming that:

    • Assist with instilling diversity as a responsibility

    • Assist with fostering cultural competencies as a professional skill for all library employees

  • Consult with other library diversity stakeholders as appropriate

  • Assist various library departments and committees with incorporating the value of diversity within their practice

  • Serve as a resource for diversity initiatives in other libraries and organizations

LDC as a whole and Subcommittees: Programming, Marketing and Communications, Assessment


IV. Climate

Assess climate for diversity utilizing multiple methodologies, develop responsive programming to foster organizational and individual cultural competencies, and evaluate their impact.



  • Assist with the periodic Library-wide climate assessment (ClimateQUAL or similar) - recommendation every 3 - 5 years  

    • Assessment group and other LDC members to review last ClimateQUAL survey and analyze for potential interventions.

  • Monitor diversity trends

    • Conduct periodic environmental scan

    • Regular literature review on diversity in libraries and academic institutions

  • Monitor and respond, as appropriate, to campus cultural climate

  • Conduct regular assessment of LDC programming

  • Consistently map programs to ACRL cultural competencies in order to assess the learning outcomes

    • Develop surveys/questionnaires for our program assessment needs

  • Conduct Periodic Unit assessment

    • Conversations or surveying (in-person or other) of individual units to discern issues of climate and needs/desires for diversity programming/training


  • Develop programming to help facilitate a thriving environment for diversity

    • Develop relevant programming to help instill cultural competencies in staff

      • Regularly hold Ouch workshops

      • Regularly offer Diversity Conversations

      • Other thematic programming

    • Develop programming to enhance leadership skills in managing diversity

      • Regularly conduct managing diversity workshop series

      • Identify other mechanisms to assist leadership with acquiring diversity competencies

    • Create opportunities for staff to connect, bridge difference, foster understanding and leverage our diverse knowledge, skills and abilities

      • Hold the annual Diversity Celebration

Subcommittees: Assessment, Diversity Conversations, Ouch workshops,  Managing Diversity

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