Library Diversity Council By-Laws

These by-laws were accepted by the Council on February 8, 2012.

The role and purpose of the Library Diversity Council (hereafter the Council) is to provide leadership to the staff of the University Library by promoting understanding in areas of diversity; to collaborate with members of the campus and the community to bridge individual and collective experiences; to serve as an advisory group to the library administration, reporting on diversity programs and staff and patron concerns; and to lead in the creation and implementation of diversity activities.

Council Composition | Procedures | Activities

1. Council Composition

1.1 The Council shall consist of twelve (12) regular members recruited and elected from the staff at large and any appointed ex-officio members.

1.2 The elected members shall serve three-year terms. Council membership terms shall begin with the first day of July and conclude the last day of June.

1.3 The University Librarian shall appoint up to 2 ex-officio member(s). It is recommended that the person in the position titled “Librarian for Diversity and Inclusion” (or equivalent position) be appointed as an ex-officio. Ex-officio members have full voting privileges on the Council. (This section updated August 13, 2014.)


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2. Procedures

2.1 Election of New Members

2.1.1 New members shall be elected each May/June in an open election of all regular library staff by anonymous ballot. The goal is to have the new members seated by the first meeting in July. Nominations shall be solicited from the entire staff, with staff members allowed to nominate themselves.  Former Council members are required to wait one year (1) before rejoining the Council.

2.1.2. The call for nominations shall begin in early May. The ballots shall be sent out no later than the last week of May. Each nominee shall be asked to submit a self-promotional statement to the Council, which expresses the nominee's interest in the Council and the attributes the nominee would bring to the Council. Nominees have the option of providing a picture to accompany their statement. The election will be conducted with an online ballot. Nominee statements and pictures will be included directly on the ballot with the nominee's name, and will also be available on the library website or staff intranet. Nominees are expected to obtain their supervisor's endorsement for possible membership on the Council.

2.1.3 The election shall be administered by an election subcommittee comprised of the four Council members whose terms are about to conclude. A member of the election subcommittee shall be designated to serve as a liaison for the nominees, providing answers to nominee's questions. The Council shall provide assistance in this process as needed.

2.1.4 The election of new Council members shall occur over at least a two week period, with a deadline for returning the ballots by June 15.

2.1.5 Once the election has occurred, the names of the four nominees receiving the greatest number of votes shall be submitted to the University Librarian as the persons newly elected to the Council. The University Librarian’s Office is responsible for maintaining the Council’s membership record.  The University Librarian shall notify each newly elected member by letter of his or her appointment to the Council. Additionally, an email from the Council chair on behalf of the Council shall be sent to the new members to welcome them and to share orientation information. The first meeting for newly elected members shall be the first meeting of July.

2.1.6 The remaining nominees shall be designated as alternates, in order of the votes received, to fill Council vacancies of greater than twelve (12) months.  Vacancies of less than twelve (12) months shall not be filled. If a vacancy occurs during the election process, the alternate with the most votes will fill the vacancy.

2.1.7 The names of the alternates shall be forwarded to the University Librarian for official appointment to the Council to fill membership vacancies. These alternates will not have to adhere to the one-year waiting period that members who have served their full term must comply.

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3. Meeting Time and Location

The Council shall meet twice a month on a regular schedule, with additional meetings to be called by the Council Chair. The standard location for meetings shall be 818 Hatcher South Conference Room, Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library. When deemed necessary or desirable, the meetings may be rescheduled and or held in a different location. At least two (2) regular meetings per year shall be held at a location off central campus. Subcommittees shall meet as necessary.

4. Chair and Vice Chair

A Chairperson and Vice-Chair of the Council shall be selected from amongst the twelve (12) regular Council members. Call for nominations (self or other members) will be made at the first meeting of June. A vote of the entire Council will be held on the second week of June. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall serve for a term of one (1) year. The term shall begin the first of July and conclude at the end of the following June. During this term, the Chair and vice-chair will share the responsibility for scheduling a meeting location, preparing the agenda for each meeting, designating a taker of the minutes, and distributing the meeting minutes, and maintaining the Council files/record. The Vice-Chair will assist the Chair in his/her duties and will lead meetings in the Chair's absence.

5. Council Member Duties

5.1 Discussions at Council meetings shall be open and civil. All Council members shall have a single vote on all issues put to a vote.

5.2 Minutes from each regular meeting shall be distributed to the Council in advance of the next meeting for approval for the official record as well as for inclusion on the website.

5.3 To facilitate Council business, members shall organize various standing subcommittees and ad hoc working groups, whose composition shall be determined annually after the election of new members. Each member will serve on at least one (1) subcommittee or ad hoc task force (e.g. by-laws task force) in addition to the Diversity Celebration. The Chair will monitor and encourage members to participate in the Council's work.

5.4 Members must attend a minimum of 3/4s of the meetings, except under exceptional circumstances to be cleared with the Chair.

5.5 The Council will maintain its historical record, periodically submitting to the Bentley Historical Library for archival purposes. The Vice Chair will coordinate management of the Council's record. Bentley Historical Library – Records Policy and Procedures Manual

6. Annual Goals

The Council shall write a goals document each year, beginning the process each July. Progress on the goals shall be reviewed quarterly (October, January, and April), and revisited as necessary. This goals document shall be limited to short term goals.

7. Budget

The Council's budget shall be allocated from the Library's funds (currently in the sum of $2,000). The Chair shall have responsibility for overseeing the budget and signing any authorization of expenditures.

8. Meeting Guests

Council meetings shall be open to Library staff. Those wishing to attend Council meetings shall be asked to inform the Council a minimum of one (1) day before the scheduled meeting. Guests shall be allowed to take part in Council discussion but not allowed to vote. The Council shall reserve the right to excuse guests when confidential issues are to be discussed. The Council may also invite Library staff and others from the community to meetings as guests to discuss matters of interest.

9. Activities

9.1. Annual Diversity Award

Each year, the Council shall recognize an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to the Library's Diversity program with the Annual Diversity Award. Nominations shall be solicited from throughout the Library system at least one and a half months to two months prior to the Annual Diversity Celebration. Individuals nominating other staff shall be asked to submit supporting statements outlining the nominees' contribution to the Library’s Diversity program. The Council shall vote on the nominees and inform the University Librarian of the results. The Award shall be presented each year at the Annual Diversity Celebration. Recipients will be recognized with a small gift, inclusion on the Diversity Award plaque, and through articles in the Library Newsletter and at Library staff events. Current Council members are ineligible for the award.

9.2. Annual Diversity Celebration

The Council shall host an annual celebration of the Library’s Diversity program. Subcommittees shall be formed in January to organize and plan the event to be held ideally in late April or early May. Staff members not presently serving on the Council shall be welcome to serve on the subcommittees. The Annual Diversity Award shall be presented at the annual celebration.

9.3. Diversity Programs

The Council shall regularly sponsor diversity training workshops, film showings & discussions, and Brown Bag lunch discussion of various topics. Staff members shall be encouraged to attend, lead, and develop these sessions.

9.4. Assessment

Representatives of the Council shall collaborate with library colleagues to discuss and evaluate the Library’s diversity programs. Feedback from these evaluations shall be used to continuously refine and improve the Diversity program.

9.5. Amendment and Adoption

Amendments to these By-laws shall be made by a two-thirds vote of the entire Council through a formal vote.

Copies of these By-laws shall be submitted to the University Librarian and posted on the Council website.

These By-laws shall supersede all previous By-law documents and shall go into effect upon the approval of two-thirds of the entire Council in a formal vote.

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