Diversity Award

The annual Library Diversity Award is given to a library staff member or group who promotes and embodies the ideas of the Library Diversity Program. Recipients for this award throughout the years are listed below.

2014 Diversity Award Winner, Gabriel DuqueImage of Gabriel Duque

Gabriel Duque and his work on campus are a symbol of the library’s commitment to diversity as well as his own personal commitment. Gabriel embraces and celebrates diversity at every step. Within the library, he was a valuable member as well as co-chair of the Library Diversity Council for several years. He encourages his colleagues to always be inclusive and consider diversity when teaching or providing assistance to users at a library service point. For the last three years, Gabriel has organized and hosted Global Information Week on behalf of the library and campus. Each year, Gabriel has encouraged campus to embrace and explore different cultures, languages, food, music, dance, and of course information sources related to these cultures.

Gabriel encourages diversity through so many important activities in his daily work too. He has been involved in organizing events for the India Theme Semester. He regularly teaches for and partners with international groups across campus including the Global Scholars Program, the Center for Global and Intercultural Studies (CGIS), and the Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU). For all of these groups, he teaches many workshops, consults with faculty and students going abroad, and provides access to resources that encourage everyone to learn about different cultures and embrace their differences. He is the library liaison to the International Center where he has built a very strong relationship. Each year, Gabriel organizes orientation sessions for several hundred new international students, both graduate and undergraduate, coming from across the globe.

This past year, Gabriel has been in the ACRL Leadership and Career Development Program. As part of this program, he led a project to survey all international students at orientation to learn more about their research processes and how the library could improve services for them. He learned much about their research experiences and as a result is sharing what he learned with his colleagues in the library and nationally at ALA in order to improve services to international students at UM and beyond. Lastly, Gabriel has partnered with the English Language Institute for several years, teaching college level research skills for international students as well as teaching concepts related to Western ideas surrounding academic integrity, which can be very different than those from a student’s home country.

Through all of these activities Gabriel advances diversity within the library and with hundreds if not thousands of faculty, staff, and students across campus. I enthusiastically support Gabriel’s nomination for the 2014 MLibrary Diversity Award.

Martin Knott- 2013 Diversity Award Recipient
2013 Diversity Award Winner, Martin Knott.
Paul Courant - Special Recognition Award
Special Recognition Award, Paul Courant


Shevon receiving Diversity Award
2012 Diversity Award winner, Shevon Desai;  Shevon receiving her award from Noah Meeks, 2011-12 LDC Chair 

Image of Susan Go
The 2010 recipient of the Diversity Award is Fe Susan Go. Congratulations, Susan!

Helen Look
2009 Diversity Award winner, Helen Look
Helen receiving her award from Annette Haines, 2008-09 LDC Chair
 Helen receiving her award from Annette Haines, 2008-09 LDC Chair



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