Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

Here at the library we celebrate diversity, and more importantly, we actively seek it out. We strive to develop and nurture the skills that will allow us to manifest diversity as engagement, innovation, and above all, respect for all individuals. These skills are vital to the library, which offers wide-ranging and diverse content, services, and expertise to the entire campus community and beyond.

The library’s overarching goal for diversity is to become the place on campus that develops deep and broad skills, both individually and collectively, in manifesting diversity.

Strategic Plan

The library is deeply engaged in the university-wide diversity, equity and inclusion strategic planning initiative launched by President Schlissel in September 2015, and has adopted long-term visionary goals for each of the four planning domains set forth in the charge for a strategic planning process:

  • Recruitment, retention and development: We will be a leader in the realm of research libraries as a place that attracts and retains a diverse workforce. This will be done through the programs we create to attract, develop and support this diverse workforce. In addition, we will bolster the campus diversity-focused recruitment and retention of students by serving as a support and resource.
  • Education and scholarship: We will be the go-to resource for trusted and culturally inclusive information expertise and content, as well as research and technology support for the U-M community and beyond. We will grow and leverage a deep understanding of the creative power of the intersection of cultures, ways of thought, and academic disciplines.
  • Equity, inclusion & accessibility: We will offer physical and virtual spaces that are welcoming to all of our constituencies will serve as a second academic “home” on campus for all students. We will also grow and leverage our capacity to advance inclusive and collaborative academic work to enhance the student experience.
  • Service and leadership: We will provide services that meet each individual at the place from which they arrive--culturally, socially, and academically. Our leadership in diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility will be recognized by the campus and by our peer institutions, just as now they recognize our leadership and excellence in the realm of research libraries.

To learn more about the library’s planning process, contact Jeff Witt, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist.

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