Learning & Teaching Unit: User Information & Discovery Services

As an area of Learning and Teaching, the User Information and Discovery Services team focuses on direct user interactions designed to foster the use of information resources and scholarly content discovery. The team not only develops print and non-print collections to support scholarly inquiry for a broad user base, but also provides user-centered library research assistance via onsite and via online environments. With each individualized user interaction, we promote the virtual and physical learning environment.

What We Do:

We're involved in many things focused on connecting you to the content and expertise found in MLibrary.

Areas served by this team include Art, Architecture & Engineering Library reference services, Ask a Librarian services, Askwith Media Library collection, Computer & Video Game ArchiveHatcher Graduate Library reference services, and Shapiro Library reference services and undergraduate collections.

Current Projects We're Working On:

Organization Chart and Who We Are

Selected Presentations and Publications:

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