Tracy W. McGregor Collection

"Tracy W. McGregor Collection of Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Mathematical and Astronomical Manuscripts

Collection of manuscripts acquired in 1933-1934 by University of Michigan professor L. C. Karpinski with funds provided by the McGregor Fund of Detroit. Some of the items were once in the possession of Dr. Max Meyerhof, prominent historian of Islamic science and ophthalmologist who resided in Cairo, Egypt, until his death in 1945. The entire McGregor Collection was first cataloged on cards between 1941 and 1945 by Mrs. Elinor Mullet Husselman, curator of manuscripts and papyri at the Univ. of Mich."

Language: Chiefly in Arabic; some items in Persian or Turkish or combinations of the three.

References: Pearson, Or. Mss Eur. N. Amer., p. 332; Martin, N. Amer. Colls. Isl. Mss, pp. 40-1; Roman, Dev. of Islamic Lib. Colls., pp. 235-236.

Note: Microfilms of selected items available in repository.

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