How to Submit Comments

We welcome your comments on the digitized manuscripts and their descriptions! To avoid a flood of spam comments, we now require that you be logged in before you can submit a comment. You must first register with the site  to create a user name and password. Use your user name and password to log in each time you visit the site.

There are a few ways to submit your comments on the manuscripts and their descriptions. You can:

(1) comment on a specific element in the description (such as "Title" or "Place/Date of Production")

(2) comment on the entire description

Find more on definitions for each of the descriptive elements here.

Comment on a data element

You will notice that the description for each manuscript is broken down into data elements, each with a particular label (such as "Shelfmark", "Title," "Author," and "Place/Date of Production" etc.). On our site, this data element and the information associated with it is called a "paragraph."

If you would like to suggest an addition or a change to the descriptive information under a certain data element/paragraph, you can supply your suggestion a comment on that data element/paragraph.

To submit your comment, click on the small icon to the right of the  data element/paragraph, enter your comment in the text box that appears (the site should recognize you as logged in), and click "Add comment."

Comment on the entire description

If you have information to contribute on the manuscript as a whole or are simply not sure under which  data element/paragraph your comment fits, simply click on the  icon to the right of the description's heading or click on "Whole Page" in the Comments Overview box. Again, the site should recognize you as logged in and you can then enter your comment in the text box and submit as described above.

Register / Log in

In order to leave a comment you must be logged in. You will first need to register (create an account) as a subscriber to our site. You will be asked to submit a user name and email address. The site will send a password to your email inbox along with the user name you submitted. Use this password along with your user name to log in. Once you have logged in you may change your password to be whatever you wish. Use this same user name and password to log in each time you visit the site.

Ideally, you should log in first thing upon navigating to the site. Just follow the log in link before you search or navigate to any manuscripts. If you instead navigate to a manuscript description and try to comment without having already logged in, you will be asked to log in before you can submit your comment. You will then need to use your browser's back button to return to the manuscript you found and refresh that page so that you will be recognized as logged in. You can then submit your comment.