Isl. Ms. 875


Risālah-i Maṭlūb al-fuqarāʼ va muntakhab-i irshād al-vāṣilīn,[19th century?].رساله مطلوب الفقراء ومنتخب ارشاد الواصلین,[قرن 19م؟].


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Place/Date of Production:



17 leaves :paper ;17 cm.


Careful copy of an anonymous Ṣūfī treatise. Table of contents (فهرست) at opening on p.3.

Other Title(s):

Title from upper cover label:رساله مطلوب الفقرا و منتخب ارشاد الواصلینTitle from label on upper board lining:رساله مطلوب الفقرا و منتخب ارشاد الواصلینرسالة مطلوب الفقرا ومنتخب ارشاد الواصلينRisālat Maṭlūb al-fuqarāʼ wa-muntakhab irshād al-wāṣilīn


Manuscripts, Persian--Michigan--Ann Arbor.




Ms. codex.
Title from rubricated heading at opening on p.6.


"الحمد لله رب العالمین والعاقبت للمتقین ... بدان اى درویش که دلق فقیری پوشیدن ..."


"خوردن و خوراندن حرام است این رساله را مطلوب الفقرا و منتخب ارشاد الواصلین نام نهاده شد تمت تمام شد ختم رساله"


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Physical Details:

VIII+1 (17) ; catchwords present ; pagination in red ink, Hindu-Arabic numerals ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization.


Written mainly in 13 lines per page ; frame-ruled.


Nastaʻlīq ; quick hand in a heavy line ; mainly serifless with marked effect of tilt to the right, slight effect of words descending to baseline, elongation of horizontal strokes, freely ligatured, pointing in strokes rather than distinct dots.


Keywords, headings and some symbols (numerals, etc.) rubricated ; written area surrounded by double rule-border in red ; overlining in red.


non-European (likely Indian or Persian) laid paper with roughly 7 laid lines per cm. (horizontal, somewhat indistinct, curved) and no chain lines plainly visible, thin and transluscent though sturdy, burnished, cream in color ; ink bleed through somewhat obscures text ; opening added leaf carrying table of contents (p.3) in European laid paper with watermark of scrollwork with flanking lion and eagle at center partially visible.


Pasteboards covered in teal or blue-green block-printed paper (scrollwork and vegetal designs in brown) with brown paper over spine and board corners (half-binding) ; Western style binding ; board linings in untinted laid paper ; sewn in heavy white thread, three stations ; overall in somewhat poor condition with moisture damage, abrasion, lifting and losses of paper, staining, etc.

Accompanying Materials:

a. Slip with description in hand of G. Meredith-Owens "MO 7. Risāleh-i Maṭlūb al-fuqarā va Muntakhab-i irshād al-vāṣilīn. A Ṣūfī tract. No date. XIXth century?" -- b. Recycled card with Emilie Savage-Smith [?] notes "Sufi writing" -- c. Slip with note "counted for 1968/69 Annual Report" -- d. Slip with "n. f." [i.e. not found, likely in hand of E. Husselman].

Former Shelfmarks:

Mich. Isl. Ms. temp. no. 24


Lacks dated colophon ; paper, hand, etc. may suggest 19th century.

Ownership and History:

Possible former inventory number in pencil "413" and label with title "رساله مطلوب الفقرا و منتخب ارشاد الواصلين" on upper board lining ; inscription on blank opening leaf (p.1) in pencil "Anonymous. Risâle matlûb al-fuqarâʼ wa muntakhab etc." ; title repeated on blank opening leaf (p.1) and 'title page' (p.5) in brown ink "رساله مطلوب الفقرا و منتخب الواصلین است" ; possible former inventory mark "16" with title "Risâla i maṭlûb-ul-fuqarâ and inscription "Persian. Sufism." on lower boar lining ; fairly clean copy.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

Nuttall, Frank E., 1875-1943, former owner.

In Collection:

F. E. Nuttall Collection.

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