Isl. Ms. 901


[Risālah dar maṣāyib-i Ahl-i Bayt,ca. 1824].[رساله در مصایب اهل بیتح 1824م].


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Place/Date of Production:

[ca. 1824].


273 leaves :paper ;225 x 175 (160-170 x 110-130) mm.


Fine though acephalous copy of a work in twenty chapters (مجلس) on the tragedies suffered by the family of the Prophet, particularly the martyrdom of Imām Ḥusayn.

Other Title(s):

Risālah dar maṣāʼb-i Ahl-i Baytرساله در مصائب اهل بيتTitle from Luzac catalog:Tragedy of Husain


Karbalāʼ, Battle of, Karbalāʼ, Iraq, 680--Early works to 1800.
Imams (Shiites)--Biography--Early works to 1800.
Martyrdom--Islam--Early works to 1800.
Shīʻah--History--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Persian--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Ḥusayn ibn ʻAlī,--d. 680--Death and burial--Early works to 1800.




Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer from introductory matter on p.11 ff.


"چها که از تو بر ال مصطفى رسید کم تربک لما صرعوا من دم سال من دمع جری چه خونها که بر خاک ..."


"لعنة الله عليهم وعلى سائر ظالمى ال محمد صلى الله عليه واله وعذبهم عذابا يستغيث منه اهل النار امين رب العالمين تمام شد کتاب امید که فایده کوبه کافه شیعیان ال رسول الله صلی الله علیه واله برسد و مؤلف عاصی را از خوانندگان و نویسندگان ملتمس است که چنانچه بر خطائی مطلع باصلاح آن این ضعیف را ممنون نمانید و این روسیا را بدعائی یاد نمانید"


"Authorial" and or "Scribal" [?], reads "و قد فرغت من تسويد هذا الكتاب فى شهر ذي حجة من شهور "


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Physical Details:

1+I+I (5), 2 [2I+2I] (21), I+I+I (27), I+I+2 (33), II+1 (38), IV (46), IV+1 (55), V (65), IV (73), V (83), III (89), V (99), II (103), 2 IV(119), IV+2 (129), II (133), II+1 (138), 2 IV(154), III (160), 6 IV(208), II (212), IV (220), II+1 (225), 2 IV(241), 2 III (253), II (257), I+I (261), III (267), II+2 (273) ; haphazard assemblage, some composed gatherings in which a gathering of eight or six leaves is formed by guarding together individual bifolia without nesting them ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during cataloguing (includes inserts and drops six pages following p.386 with p.381).


Written in 15-19 lines per page.


Naskh in a form reminiscent of Bihārī ; spacious, elegant hand in a fairly thin line ; mainly serifless and quite rounded with curvilinear descenders, many open counters, large oval form for ṭāʼ, ẓāʼ, ḍād, ṣād with ṣād and ḍād particularly rather flat, pointing in distinct dots often oriented vertically, adhering fairly consistently to baseline, point of final nūn set deep in bowl, letters fairly uniform in height, etc. ; Arabic passages usually vocalized.


Section headings rubricated ; occasional overlining in red.


European laid paper of several types ; one type with 7 laid lines per cm. (vertical), chain lines spaced 26 mm. apart (horizontal), and watermarks of double-headed eagle with shield at center and small crown above (see p.16, 28, 114, 150, 512, etc.) and cursive initials "B C ф" (see p.506, 507, etc.) ; another type with 6 laid lines per cm. (vertical), chain lines spaced 28-31 mm. apart (horizontal) and watermarks of fleur-de-lis (see p.166, etc.), date "1823" (see p.160, 164, etc.) and cursive initials "A CA" (see p.108, 109, etc. and compare Heawood no. 3064) ; another type with 8 laid lines per cm. (vertical), chain lines spaced 25 mm. apart (horizontal), and watermark of Pro Patria with lion and initial "M H" [?] to the side (see p.58, 60, 198, 337, 549-550, etc.) ; still another type with watermark of date "1824" (see p.352, 408, 422, etc.) ; almost all blue-tinted (occasional bifolia or entire gatherings a gray color, see p.529-540 with Pro Patria watermark).


Pasteboards faced in dark brown leather with light brown, black and red leather over spine and board edges (producing effect of leather faced and edged framed binding, but likely repairs) ; Type III binding (without flap), two-piece binding (seam of overlapping flanges visible at spine) ; doublures in red leather ; portion of hinges in manuscript "waste" (recycled paper) remains affixed to doublures (matching piece for upper hinge has been tucked in to the book and paginated pp.127-128) ; sewn in cream thread, two stations ; worked chevron endbands in cream and lime green thread, fair condition, headband protected by tab extending from spine leather ; overall in somewhat poor condition with much abrasion, deterioration of leather, etc. ; possibly reuse of covered boards (recycled covers).

Accompanying Materials:

a. Part of a page torn from 1913 catalog, Luzac & Co., with description and price for this manuscript "321 Tragedy of Husain. No author's name mentioned. Persian MS. Written on blue tinted paper of various shades ; in fair Naskhi character ; 2 inks. Small 4to. Leather. 230 folios. No date ; eighteenth century. 15s. One or two folios missing from the beginning." (paginated pp.1-2) -- b. Recycled E. J. W. Gibb Memorial form letter with notes in pencil on the reverse, repeating description found in Luzac catalog (paginted pp.3-4) -- c. Slip with note "Persian Manuscripts [in pencil 'or lithograph?'] (Heyworth-Dunne?) No Hussulman or Meredith-Owen notes" (paginated pp.5-6) -- d. Slip with note "Counted for 1968/69 Annual Report" (paginated pp.7-8) -- e. Matching piece of upper hinge (paginated pp.127-128) -- f. Scrap with Qurʼānic excerpt / portion of Sūrat al-Ikhlāṣ (paginated pp.195-196).

Former Shelfmarks:

Mich. Isl. Ms. temp. no. 50


Colophon at close on p.551 is incomplete ; paper would suggest 19th century and dated watermark suggests ca. 1824.

Ownership and History:

Possible former inventory mark in pencil on incipit page (p.9) "MS | 1912" ; glosses and marginal corrections.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

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Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

Nuttall, Frank E., 1875-1943, former owner.

In Collection:

F. E. Nuttall Collection.

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