Isl. Ms. 879


Risale-yi tekellüm,[1296, i.e. 1879].رساله تكلم,[1296ه, 1879م].


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Place/Date of Production:



48 leaves :paper ;182 x 115 (115 x 51) mm. bound to 185 x 120 mm.


Elegant copy (possibly autograph) of a treatise addressing conversational phrases in Persian and Turkish in four chapters witha Turkish preface, parallel Persian-Turkish text, and a brief glossary at the close.

Other Title(s):

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Turkish language--Conversation and phrase books.
Persian language--Conversation and phrase books.
Manuscripts, Turkish--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Manuscripts, Persian--Michigan--Ann Arbor.


Ottoman Turkish and Persian.


Ms. codex.
Title from opening matter (preface) on p.11.


"اشبوه رساله تكلم ايچون درت باب اوزره تبويب اولنون ..."


"يعنى تمام اولدى حسب الامر وفرمايش جناب مستطاب سرور مكرم ومخدوم معظم باتمام رسيد ..."


"Scribal," [and authorial ?] reads "باتمام رسيد در دار الخلافه طهران صانها الله عن الحادثات [؟] بتاريخ يوم يكشنبه ششم شهر ربيع الثانى ١٢٩۶ وانا اقل خلق الله ... جعفر بن حاجى [؟] محمد حسين القمى اللهم اغفرها بحق الحق والنبى المطلق فى سنه ١٢٩۶"


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Physical Details:

i, 3 VI (36), IV (44), II (48), i ; three senions followed by a quaternion and a binion ; pagination in black ink, Hindu-Arabic numerals ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization (includes inserts and flyleaves).


Written mainly in 7 lines per page, divided to two columns with Persian in right column and Turkish in left column ; list of vocabulary at close in four columns.


Naskh and shikastah-nastaʻlīq ; a compact, elegant hand ; Persian text in shikastah-nastaʻlīq, compact and freely ligatured with effect of words descending to baseline, pointing in distinct dots, elongation of horizontal strokes and sweeping descenders (many reversed or recurved) ; Turkish text in a fine naskh, mainly serifless with slight effect of tilt to the left, curvilinear descenders, pointing in distinct dots, open and close counters, some free assimilation of letters.


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European "laid" paper with 8 laid lines per cm. (horizontal), chain lines spaced 23 mm. apart (vertical) and watermark "A PIRIE & SONS 1877" (see p.12, 22-23, etc.) ; embossed with medallion carrying the Lion and Sun emblem of the Iranian state (officially adopted by Muḥammad Shāh Qajār in 1836).


Pasteboards covered in light orange-brown leather ; Type III binding (without flap) ; board linings in purple-tinted paper ; upper and lower covers in blind-tooled in mitred-panel style ; sewn in cream thread, six stations ; overall in fair condition with minor abrasion, etc.

Accompanying Materials:

a. Slip with description in hand of G. Meredith-Owens "MO 14 A manual of Persian and Turkish conversation in 4 bāb. Copied in Tehran in 1296" (paginated pp.1-2) -- b. Portion of a page torn from Luzac catalog, 1911, with description of this manuscript "2546 Persian-Turkish conversations. A ms. containing conversational phrases in Persian and Turkish in parallel columns. Neatly written, the Persian in Nīm-Shikastah, the Turkish in Naskhī. 8vo. Leather-binding. pp. 93. Written at Teheran, A.H. 1296." as well as penciled note (likely in hand of E. Husselman "n. f. in Mich. Isl. MSS." (paginated pp.3-4) -- c. Slip with note "Persian MSS (Heyworth-Dunne?) with Meredith-Owens notes | 19th century [in hand of Emilie Savage-Smith ?]" (paginated pp.5-6) -- d. Slip with note "Counted for 1968/69 Annual Report" (paginated pp.7-8).

Former Shelfmarks:

Mich. Isl. Ms. temp. no. 28


As appears in colophon on p.105, copied [and authored ?] by Jaʻfar ibn Ḥājjī Muḥammad Ḥusayn al-Qummī with transcription completed in Tehran 6 Rabīʻ II 1296 [ca. 30 March 1879], presumably on the order of Nāṣir al-Dīn Shāh Qajār (r.1848-1896) "حسب الامر وفرمايش جناب مستطاب سرور مكرم مخدوم و معظم" (see closing matter on p.105).

Ownership and History:

Inscription on front flyleaf (p.9) (likely in hand of Nuttall) "Fly-leaves inserted, Oct. 1914" ; fairly clean copy.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

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05 Jaʻfar ibn Ḥājjī Muḥammad Ḥusayn al-Qummī, fl. 1879, scribe. 05 جعفر بن حاجى محمد حسين القمى, ناسخ.

Former Owner(s):

Nuttall, Frank E., 1875-1943, former owner.

In Collection:

F. E. Nuttall Collection.

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