Isl. Ms. 856


Münşeat,[late 18th or early 19th century?].منشأت,[اواخر الرقن 18م او اوائل القرن 19م؟].


Atıf Mehmet Emin Efendi,d. 1771?عاطف محمد امين افندى.

Place/Date of Production:



40 leaves :paper ;236 x 145 (156 x 67) mm.


Fine copy of a collection of letters compiled by Atıf Mehmet Emin Efendi (d.1771) while he served as secretary (mektupçu / مكتوبجى) for şeyhülislam Dürri Mehmet Efendi (d.1736) during the early part of the reign of Mahmut I (r.1730-1754) (see opening matter on p.6). For another copy compare Isl. Ms. 420.

Other Title(s):

Title from cover label:منشاتTitle from label on upper board lining:انشاİnşâ


Letter writing, Turkish--18th century.
Turkish prose literature--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Turkish--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Dürri Mehmet Efendi,--d. 1736--Correspondence.
Turkey--History--Mahmud I, 1730-1754--Sources.


Headpieces (Layout features)18th century.


Ottoman Turkish.


Ms. codex.
Title from inscription on 'title page' (p.5).


"طرح افكن نو زمين علم انشا اعجاز نماى طرق حسن بيان واملا بيكيوز سكسن درت سنه سى اواخرنده اناطولى صدارندن منفصلا واصل رحمت ربانى اولان اديب كامل بليغ كريم الخصائل عاطف محمد امين افندى جنابلريكه اوائل زمان محمود خانيده متكا پیراى مشيخت اسلاميه مرحوم مغفور له درى محمد افندى حضرتلرينك مدت معلومه مكتوبجيلر يكن جمع وترتيب اولنان منشأت بديعه ..."


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Physical Details:

4 V(40) ; exclusively quinions ; final leaves ruled but left blank ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization (include inserts).


Written in 21 line per page ; frame-ruled.


Nastaʻlīq (talik) ; fine Turkish hand ; serifless with marked effect of tilt to the right and slight effect of words descending to baseline, elongation and somewhat exaggerated thickness of horizontal strokes, mainly closed counters.


Fine illuminated headpiece (ʻuwnān / sarlawḥ) at opening on p.6 consisting of scalloped w-shaped piece filled with floral vegetal decoration in gold, pink and green, surmounted by vertical stalks (tīgh) in blue and red ; written area of incipit and facing page surrounded by gold frame, elsewhere written area surrounded by red rule-border ; overlining (section headings, etc.) in red.


European laid paper with 12 laid lines per cm. (vertical), chain lines spaced 21 mm. apart (horizontal) and watermarks of lion rampant on ball in scrollwork (see p.8, 10, 14, 15, 74, 75, etc.), another lion rampant in scrollwork (see p.72, 77, etc.) and "DV" alone (see p.12, 18, 28, 41, etc.) and under diadem (see p.66 and 83 and compare Nikolaev no.569 with three crescents dated 1773) ; thin and transluscent though sturdy, buff to pale yellow in color, well-sized and burnished.


Pasteboards covered in dark brown leather ; Type III binding (without flap) ; board linings in untinted laid paper, hinges in marbled paper (mainly blue and white) ; upper and lower covers carry tooled and gold painted borders in a series of s-shaped stamps with defining fillets ; label on upper cover carries title and script ("منشات تعليق") ; originally sewn in pale yellow thread, two stations, failed or failing with some gatherings now reinforced in black or white thread, gatherings loose ; endbands virtually gone with only traces of primaries ; overall in somewhat poor condition with lifting and losses of spine leather, abrasion, staining, etc.

Accompanying Materials:

a. Slip with description (in hand of E. Husselman ?) "Muḥammad Emin, Effendi. | Inshā | Many Insha's in BMCat. of Turk. MSS. but not this. nf. in U of M MSS" (paginated pp.1-2) -- b. Slip with notes in hand of Eleazar Birnbaum "Compiler: MEḤMED EMĪN efendi, died near end of 1184 AH (Jan-Mar 1771) | Title: [INŞA or MÜNŞEʼĀT] | In Ottoman Turkish | A collection of stylistic pieces compiled by Mehmed Emīn from documents while he was secretary to DURRĪ Meḥmed efendi | Eleazar Birnbaum JUNE 17 1964" (paginated pp.3-4).

Former Shelfmarks:

Mich. Isl. Ms. temp. no. 5


Lacks dated colophon ; paper, etc. would suggest late 18th century though excerpt on p.78 (which appears to be a later addition) reports an event dated to 11 Jumādá II 1236 [ca. 16 March 1821] and would thus have been entered after that date.

Ownership and History:

Several inventory marks on upper board lining in ink and pencil ; label on upper board lining with inscription in French, brown ink, describing manuscript in terms of language, contents, decoration, etc. "Turc. انشا | formulaire de lettres de Mohammed emin efendi, mort vers la fin de l'au 1184..." ; inscription with title and former inventory mark or price on 'title page' (p.5) ; on lower board lining, various inventory marks and indications of extent as well as round paper label with depiction of tower, palms, etc. and encircling text "MAISONNEUVE ET Cie EDITEURS | A LA TOUR DE BABEL" ; fairly clean copy.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

Nuttall, Frank E., 1875-1943, former owner.

In Collection:

F. E. Nuttall Collection.


Roemer, H.R. "Inshāʾ (inshā)." In EI2,vol. III, p.1241, col. 2Nikolaev, Vsevolod. Watermarks of the mediaeval Ottoman documents in Bulgarian libraries. In Watermarks of the Ottoman Empire, volume 1. Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1954.

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