Isl. Ms. 493


al-Tabyīn fī sharḥ al-Arba‘īn,[mid to late 17th century?].التبيين في شرح الأربعين,[اواسط الى اواخر القرن 17م؟].


Ibn Jamāʻah, ‘Izz al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Abī Bakr,d. 1416.ابن جماعة، عز الدين محمد بن ابي بكر.

Place/Date of Production:



105 leaves :paper ;144 x 105 (100 x 55) mm.


Fine copy of the commentary by ʻIzz al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Abī Bakr Ibn Jamāʻah (d.1416) on Kitāb al-Arba‘īn, or al-Arbaʻūn al-Nawawīyah, a well-commented collection of 40 traditions selected by Muḥyī al-Dīn Abū Zakarīyā Yaḥyá ibn Sharaf al-Nawawī (d.1233).

Other Title(s):

Title from front flyleaf (p.5):تبيين في شرح الاربعينTitle from inscription (in black ink) on 'title page' (p.7):شرح حديث اربعين للامام النوويTitle from inscription (in yellow ink) on 'title page' (p.7):شرح الاربعين النوويةTitle from heading at opening on p.8:هذا كتاب التبيين في شرح الاربعين


Hadith--Commentaries--Early works to 1800--Commentaries.
Hadith--Criticism, interpretation, etc.--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Arabic--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Nawawī,--1233-1277.--Arbaʻūn al-Nawawīyah.




Ms. codex.
Title from opening matter (author's preface) on p.9.


"قال الشيخ الامام العلامة الرحلة بقية المجتهدين ... عز الدين محمد بن جماعة بعد حمدا لله والصلوة والسلام الاتمان الاكملان على نبيه محمد واله وصحبه هذا شرح حسن على الاربعين النواوي رحمة الله تعالى على مصنفها في احاديث النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم مسمى بالتبيين في شرح الاربعين ..."


"قلت لانه اعجبه الحديثان اوهما [اولهما] من باب الوعظ بمخالفة الهوى ومتابعة الشرع وثانيهما ترغيب في الدعاء فزاد خيرا وهذا اخر ما اوردناه وصلى الله على سيدنا محمد واله وصحبه وسلم تسليما كثيرا امين م"


Can you help transcribe the colophon? Please comment!


Can you help transcribe the dedication? Please comment!


Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Physical Details:

i, 10 V(100), III-1 (105), i ; almost exclusively quinions ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization (includes inserts and flyleaves).


Written in 11 lines per page ; frame-ruled (impression of ruling board evident).


Naskh ; clear Turkish or 'Syrian' hand ; virtually serifless (though occasional head-serifs do irregularly appear) with slight effect of tilt to the left and of words descending to baseline, rounded with curvilinear descenders, some elongation of horizontal strokes, pointing in distinct or conjoined dots, open and closed counters.


Headings and keywords rubricated ; occasional textual dividers in the form of inverted commas.


European laid paper with roughly 7 laid lines per cm. (horizontal), chain lines spaced 27 mm. apart (vertical), crown-star-crescent watermark (see p.20, compare no.147 in Regourd, Catalogue cumulé des bibliothèques de manuscrits de Zabid, fascicule 1 and nos. 273 and 286 in Nikolaev, Watermarks of the Ottoman Empire, v.1), and "Z" and "Vd" with trefoil countermarks (see pp.18, 30, 74, etc., again compare Nikolaev nos. 273 and 276, as well as 198, 218, 282, 339 and Regourd, no.148) ; glazed (to glossy) and well-burnished, sturdy and fairly crisp.


Pasteboards covered in marbled paper (mainly in dark blue and salmon) with dark brown leather over spine, fore edge flap, and edges/turn-ins (framed binding) ; Type II binding (with flap, envelope flap now lost) ; board linings in lavender or indigo paper ; upper and lower covers carry tooled border in a series of striated s-shaped stamps ; sewn in cream or light yellow thread, two stations ; worked chevron endbands in light yellow and light rose, losses to head and tail ; overall in poor condition with significant abrasion, lifting and losses of leather and paper, loss of envelope flap, fore edge flap detaching, etc. ; housed in box for protection.

Accompanying Materials:

a. Inventory cataloguing slip in hand of Winifred Smeaton Thomas (pp.1-2) -- b. Acquisitions slip from Yahuda (pp.3-4).

Former Shelfmarks:

From inner front cover and spine label, "IL 39c" (likely supplied by Yahuda, see acquisitions slip).


Lacks dated colophon ; paper, hand, etc. would suggest mid to late 17th or even early 18th century.

Ownership and History:

Possible book price on front flyleaf (p.5) ; birth notice (in Ottoman Turkish) on 'title page' (p.7) dated 13 Jumādá I 1241 [December 1825], reads "وجه تحرير حروف اولدركه اشبو بيك ايكى يوز قرق بر سنه سى جمادى الاولى نك اون اوجنجى چرشنبه كونى عصر اولى ده اوغلوم محمد دار دنيايه تشريف ايلدى حضرت الله تعالى اطول عمر ايله معمر ايليه امين والحمد لله رب العالمين" ; collation marks (see pp.30, 47, etc.) ; occasional correction or gloss.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

In Collection:

Yahuda Collection.


Brockelmann, C. GAL,I 396 (IX. / cmtre. 8) ; II 94Regourd, Anne. Catalogue cumulé des bibliothèques de manuscrits de Zabid. Fascicule 1, Les papiers filigranés. Sanaa, 2008,p.22.Nikolaev, Vsevolod. Watermarks of the mediaeval Ottoman documents in Bulgarian libraries. In Watermarks of the Ottoman Empire, volume 1. Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1954.

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