Isl. Ms. 851


[Mecmua,1093, i.e. 1682].[مجموعه،1093ه، 1682م].

Place/Date of Production:



93 leaves :paper ;203 x 133 (145-147 x 77-80) mm.


Careful copy of a collection (mecmua / majmūʻah) of miscellaneous excerpts in prose and verse.

Other Title(s):

Extraits de divers ouvrages en langue turqueHikayet-i şeyhü'l-arifin Bayezit Bistamiحكايت شيخ العارفين بايزيد بسطامىHazihi Tercümet Mukaddimetü's-salat lil-mevla el-Fenariهذه ترجمة مقدمة الصلاة للمولى الفنارىHādhihi Tarjamat Muqaddimat al-ṣalāh lil-mawlá al-Fanārīحكايت بازرگان با زن مكارهḤikāyat-i bāzargān bā zan-i makārih.Hikayet-i bazargân ba zen-i mekarih


Turkish poetry.
Turkish prose literature.
Manuscripts, Turkish--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Abū Yazīd Bisṭāmī, Ṭayfūr ibn ʻĪsá,--d. 874?--Quotations.


Ottoman Turkish.


Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer.


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"Scribal," reads "تاريخ تمت الكتاب بعون الملك الوهاب فى تاسع وعشرين محرم الحرام فى وقت العصر على عبد الضعيف المذنب المحتاج الى رحمة الله تعالى عمر ابن عثمان سنه ثلاث وتسعين والف"


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1. p.8-p.25 : [text opening with "روايت اولنور كه ويلايت رومده بر قاضى وار ايدى علم ايله اراست و زهد ايله براسته ايدى ..."].
2. p.26-p.27 : [mainly blank, with excerpt].
3. p.28-p.35 : Hikayet-i şeyhü'l-arifin Bayezit Bistami.
4. p.36-p.45 : Hazihi Tercümet Mukaddimetü's-salat lil-mevla el-Fenari
5. p.45-p.49 : [text opening, "الحمد لله رب العالمين وصلوة على محمد واله اجمعين راويان اخيار وثاقلان اثار شويله ..."].
6. p.50-p.55 : [blank].
7. p.56-p.65 : Nefsü'l-emirname / Nevizade [?] Atâyî Efendi.
8. p.66-p.67 : [poetic excerpts].
9. p.68-p.73 : [blank].
10. p.74-p.106 : Hikayet-i bazargân ba zen-i mekarih.
11. p.107 : [blank].
12. p.108 : [chart with dates of Ottoman sultans through ascension of Süleyman II].
13. p.109-p.117 : [assorted prayers and excerpts, several pages left partially blank].
14. p.118-p.123 : [blank].
15. p.124-p.126 : [poetic excerpt opening with"هر ايشه قيل بسمله ايله ابتدا ..."].
16. p.127-128 : [mesele followed by a letter of Naṣr al-Dīn to his son].
17. p.129-p.130 : [blank].
18. p.131-132 : Süalname.
19. p.133-p.190 : [blank].
20. p.191-p.192 : [assorted excerpts].
21. p.193-194 : [mainly blank].

Physical Details:

i, 2 V(20), V-1 (29), II (33), 2 V(53), IV+1 (62), V (72), V+1 (83), V (93), i ; chiefly quinions ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization (includes inserts and flyleaves).


Written mainly in 13-15 lines per page ; frame-ruled.


Naskh and nastaʻlīq (talik) ; naskh an elegant Ottoman hand in a narrow line, mainly serifless though occasional irregular head-serif on lām or free-standing alif, slight effect of tilt to the left, curvilinear descenders, pointing mainly in conjoined dots or strokes, extensively vocalized ; nastaʻlīq (talik) an elegant Ottoman hand in a medium line, serifless with effect of words descending to baseline, elongation of horizontal strokes, pointing in strokes rather than distinct dots.


Keywords and excerpts rubricated ; overlining in red ; textual dividers in the form of inverted commas in red.


European laid paper ; mainly with 9 laid lines per cm. (vertical), chain lines spaced 26 mm. apart (horizontal), and watermarks of Paschal lamb in four-lobed circle (see p.54, etc.) and star above arms with three bars (see p.68, 69, etc.), well-burnished, sturdy, cream in color ; some leaves tinted pink (carrying pp.113-114, 151-152, 157-158, 167-168), mint green (carrying pp.97-98, 107-108), etc.


Pasteboards (quite thin, semi-limp) covered in dark brown leather ; Type III binding (without flap) ; pastedowns and flyleaves in European laid paper ; upper and lower covers carry central gold-tooled ornament of geometric interlace, roughly diamond shape with pendants and radiating strokes, along with tooled and gold painted border ; red and leather onlays at head and tail of spine, accented with gold-stamped bands ; title gold stamped over green leather onlay on spine "EXTRAITS DE DIVERS OUVRAGES EN LANGUE TURQUE" ; sewn in dark blue thread, two stations ; worked endbands in dark blue and cream, damaged with only traces remaining ; overall in fair condition with some abrasion, lifting of leather at spine, etc.

Accompanying Materials:

a. Part of a page taken from a book or catalogue (reverse carries image and caption) with description in black ink "Turkish MS | Miscellanies, stories and short poems, neatly copied in various handwritings. 8 vo., ms. in Turkish, native gilt binding, ?early 19th century" (paginated pp.1-2) -- b. Slip with description in pencil in hand of Husselman [?] "Turkish | ʻAṭāʼī (991-1044 AH) Wrote a divan & a Khamsah. cf. BM Cat. Turk. MS. p.195. (cf. Gibb, Ottoman poems, p.207) ... Dichtkunst, v. 3, p.244 and Niẓāmī" and on reverse "ATTAY - Divan, or coll. of poems (Arabia - 17--?)" (paginated pp.3-4).

Former Shelfmarks:

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


As appears in colophon on p.106, copied by Ömer bin Osman with transcription completed 29 Muḥarram 1093 [ca. 7 February 1682].

Ownership and History:

"SS" gold-stamped in upper cover ; calligraphic inscriptions on upper pastedown ; poetic excerpts on recto of front flyleaf (p.5) ; on verso of front flyleaf (p.6) bookplate reads, "In Memory of | STEPHEN SPAULDING | 1907-1925 | CLASS of 1927 | UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN | W H W Bicknell 1927" ; UM Library inscription on 'title page' (p.7) "MS & Papyri | Stephen Spaulding Mem Coll | Quaritch | 8-15-39 | SS1480" ; former owners' marks on lower pastedown include statement dated 1098 [1686 or 7] and octagonal seal impression, as well as book price "$40--" ; occasional glosses.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

06--Fanārī, Muḥammad ibn Ḥamzah,--1350 or 51-1430 or 31.--Muqaddimat al-ṣalāh.--Turkish.
06--فنارى، محمد بن حمزه.--مقدمة الصلاة.--Turkish.
08--ʻAṭā'ī, ʻAṭā Allāh ibn Yaḥyā,--17th cent.--Nefsü'l-emirname.
08--عطائى، عطا الله بن يحيى.--ديوان.--نفس الامرنامه.
Hikayet-i şeyhü'l-arifin Bayezit Bistamiحكايت شيخ العارفين بايزيد بسطامىHazihi Tercümet Mukaddimetü's-salat lil-mevla el-Fenariهذه ترجمة مقدمة الصلاة للمولى الفنارىHādhihi Tarjamat Muqaddimat al-ṣalāh lil-mawlá al-Fanārīحكايت بازرگان با زن مكارهḤikāyat-i bāzargān bā zan-i makārih.Hikayet-i bazargân ba zen-i mekarih


Ömer bin Osman, fl. 1682

Former Owner(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

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