Isl. Ms. 211


[Kitāb al-Shamāʼil,16th century?].[كتاب الشمائل,القرن 16م؟].


Tirmidhī, Muḥammad ibn ʻĪsá,d. 892ترمذي، محمد بن عيسى.

Place/Date of Production:



79 leaves :paper ;193 x 122 (121 x 65) mm.


Fine copy of al-Tirmidhī's collection of traditions comprising the Prophet's characteristics as transmitted eventually to Abū al-Thanāʼ Ḥammad ibn Hibat Allāh ibn Ḥammād ibn Fuḍayl al-Fayḍalī al-Ḥarrānī, whose name appears at the beginning of the opening ascription.

Other Title(s):



Hadith--Criticism, interpretation, etc.--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Arabic--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Muḥammad,--Prophet,--d. 632--Biography--Early works to 1800.




Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer.


"الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلوة والسلام على سيدنا محمد واله وصحبه اجمعين اخبرنا الشيخ الفقيه الامام العالم رضي الدين ابو الثناء حماد بن هبة الله بن حماد بن فضيل بن الفضيلي الحراني قال اخبرنا الشيخان الامامان الثقتان ابو المحاسن مسعود بن محمد بن غانم الغافقي قرأة عليه بمنزله بهواه في اوائل سبع واربعين وخمسمائة وابو شجاع عمر بن ابي الحسن محمد بن ابي عبد الله بن محمد بن عبد الله بن نصر البسطامي اجازة قال ... اخبرنا ابو عيسى بن محمد بن عيسى بن سورة الترمذي الحافظ قال باب صفة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم حدثنا ابو رجاء قتيبة ابن سعيد عن مالك بن انس عن ربيعة بن ابي عبد الرحمن عن انس بن مالك انه سمعه يقول كان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ليس بالطويل البائن ولا بالقصير وليس بالابيض الامهق ..."


"حدثنا محمد بن علي اخبرنا النضر اخبرني ابن عون عن ابن سيرين قال هذا الحديث دين فانظروا عمن تاخذوا دينكم تم"


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Physical Details:

ii, II+2 (6), 8 IV (70), IV+1 (79), ii ; chiefly quaternions ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization (includes front flyleaf and skips two pages each between pp.5-6 and pp.21-22).


Written in 13 lines per page ; frame-ruled.


Naskh-nastaʻlīq ; elegant hand ; virtually serifless with gentle effect of words descending to baseline ; pointing in distinct dots, occasionally oriented vertically ; hāʼ looking like two inverted commas ; mainly closed counters.


Elegant illuminated headpiece at opening on p.4 consisting of two rectangular panels ; the lower with gold-filled cartouche carrying the basmalah in white set in a field of lapis lazuli with swirling floral vegetal pattern in black, gold, light blue, lavender, red, and green ; surrmounted by rectangular panel with floral pendant shapes in gold accented by similar swirling floral vegetal pattern on a field of lapis lazuli ; all surmounted by vertical stalks (tīgh) in lapis lazuli and set in a well of gold extending from the frame surrounding the written area below ; keywords and section headings rubricated ; written area surrounded by frame consisting of gold band outlined by black fillets.


non-European (Persian) laid paper with 9 laid lines per cm. (mainly horizontal, with some curving and sagging) and chain lines, possibly grouped ; well-burnished to glossy ; crisp though thick and sturdy ; some pest damage.


Pasteboards covered in dark brown leather ; Type II binding (with flap) ; flyleaves and pastedowns in mauve surface-dyed wove paper ; upper and lower covers bear exquisite gold-tooled central scalloped lozenge (filled with vegetal composition reminiscent of Déroche class. OSd 9) with pendants, gold-painted accents, and guilloché roll border ; sewn in yellow thread, two stations ; worked chevron endbands in yellow and purple, excellent condition ; overall in fair condition with some abrasion, lifting and losses of leather, etc.

Former Shelfmarks:

"٤" in black ink on recto of front flyleaf ; "513 T. D. M.[?]" inscribed in pencil on verso of front flyleaf ; "134" inscribed in pencil on 'title page' (p.3) ; "۹۲" on tailedge of text block.


Lacks dated colophon ; paper suggests 16th or early half of 17th century.

Ownership and History:

Inscription on front flyleaf "٤" ; inscriptions in pencil on front flyleaf "513 T. D. M.[?]" and covered 'title page' (p.3) "134" ; traces of inscription and seal impression under leaf glued over recto of opening leaf ('title page' p.3) ; faint oval seal impressions appear occasionally through out (pp.15, 31, 75, 91, 97, 156, etc.) and sometimes accompany effaced waqf mark "وقف" (see pp.9, 130, 138, etc.) ; marginal corrections and glosses.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

05--Ḥarrānī, Abū al-Thanāʼ Ḥammād ibn Hibat Allāh,--fl. 12th cent.
05--حراني، ابو الثناء حماد بن هبة الله.


Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

Abdülhamid II, Sultan of the Turks, 1842-1918, former owner.

In Collection:

Abdul Hamid Collection.


Brockelmann, C. GAL,I 162 (II) ; S I 268 (II)

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