Isl. Ms. 382


[Tarih-i İzzi,1181, i.e. 1768].[ تاريخ عزي,1181ه, 1768م].


İzzî, Süleyman,d. 1755.عزي، سليمان.

Place/Date of Production:



314 leaves :paper ;290 x 175 mm.


Elegant copy of the official Ottoman history covering the years 1157-1165 (1744-1752) composed by official historiographer (vak'anüvîs / vakanüvîs), Süleymân İzzî (d.1755).

Other Title(s):

Title from inscription on 'title page' (p.1):تاريخ عثمانى


Manuscripts, Turkish--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Turkey--History--Mahmud I, 1730-1754--Sources.


Headpieces (layout features)18th century.


Ottoman Turkish.


Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer.


"يا رب بو رياض ايچره زلال كرمكله بو تازه قلم اشلمه سن بارور ايله"


"وهدايت صمدانيه سن بدرقۀ طريق ايليه آمين بحرمة الانبياء والمرسلين والحمد لله على الاتمام والصلوة والسلام على نبيۀ سيد الانام وعلى اله واصحابه الكرام ومن تبعهم باحسان الى يوم القيام"


"Scribal," triangular, reads "قد وقع الفراغ عن يد الضعيف عبد الله الشهرى بن محمد غفر الله ذنوبهما ولجميع المؤمنين والمؤمنات لسنه ۱۱۸۱ ذا الحجه فى يوم ٢ [؟] تم"


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Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Physical Details:

31 V(310), II (314) ; almost exclusively quinions followed by a binion ; catchwords present ; foliation in black ink, Hindu-Arabic numerals, often cut off ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization.


Written in 25 lines per page ; frame-ruled.


Naskh ; clear, compact Turkish hand ; partially but irregularly serifed with small teardrop head-serifs on occasional ascender (lām, ṭāʼ even alif) , slight effect of tilt to the left, many closed counters, pointing (for two and three dots) in conjoined dots or strokes, free assimilation of letters.


Elegant illuminated headpiece (ʻunwān / sarlawḥ) at opening on p.2, consisting of rectangular piece with empty gold cartouche flanked by floral motifs in gold with red and green accents, surmounted by scalloped w-shaped piece filled with swirling floral vegetal composition mainly in gold, with red, green, and pink accents on fields of gold and dark blue, itself surmounted by elaborate vertical stalks (tīgh) in blue, entire piece set in a well consisting of bands of pink with red accents, light blue with dark blue accents, and gold interlace ; another illuminated headpiece (dome) at opening of second section on p.294 ; written area surrounded by heavy gold frame defined by black fillets, divisions within (poetic passages, etc.) defined by narrow gold bands outlined by black fillets ; section headings and keywords rubricated.


non-European laid paper with 8 laid lines per cm. (mainly vertical, somewhat distinct, curved) and irregular, single chain lines occasionally visible (mainly horizontal), cloudy formation, sturdy, beige in color, well-burnished ; some staining ; small repairs (fills).


Pasteboards faced in dark maroon and framed in dark brown leather (extending to edges/turn-ins, leather faced and edged framed binding) ; Type II binding (with flap), two-piece binding (seam of overlapping flanges visible at spine) ; board linings (doublures) in elegant marbled paper (in black, blue, dark green and red) ; upper and lower covers carry lozenge-shaped central ornament and pendants filled with gold-tooled or incised and gold-filled vegetal composition on dark brown recessed onlays, along with tooled borders in gold ; now sewn in white thread, two stations ; worked chevron endbands in yellow and light blue, good condition ; overall in fairly good condition with some abrasion, staining, lifting of leather, spine slant (slightly cocked), etc. ; repairs to flap in red leather, small repair at head of fore edge flap in red leather, spine rebacked in red leather, and hinges rehinged.

Former Shelfmarks:

"457 T. De M. [i.e. Tammaro De Marinis]" inscribed in pencil on 'title page' (p.1).


As appears in colophon on p.625, copied by ʻAbd Allāh al-Shahrī [?] ibn Muḥammad (Abdullah eş-Şehri bin Mehmet) with transcription completed 2 [?] Dhū al-Ḥijjah 1181 [ca. 20 April 1768].

Ownership and History:

Inscription in pencil on 'title page' (p.1) "457 T. De M. [i.e. Tammaro De Marinis]" ; possible former inventory marks in (Hindu-Arabic numerals) on 'title page' including "۲۰" and "۲١" ; possible trace of a seal impression in margin of incipit page (p.2) ; statement dated 1276 [1859 or 60] at close on p.625 in name of Kağitçi Abdullah Efendi (كاغدچى عبد الله افندى), accompanied by octagonal seal impression in name of one Muṣṭafa Nashmī [?] ( مصطفى نشمى / Mustafa Neşmi ) ; occasional notabilia (side-heads), glosses (some addressing dated events) and corrections.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


04 Abdullah eş-Şehri bin Mehmet, fl. 1768, scribe. 04 عبد الله الشهري بن محمد. ناسخ.

Former Owner(s):

Abdülhamid II, Sultan of the Turks, 1842-1918, former owner.

In Collection:

Abdul Hamid Collection.

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