Isl. Ms. 399


[Tuhfe-yi Şâhidî,1123, i.e. 1711 or 1712].[تحفۀ شاهدى,1123ه, 1711 او 1712م].


Şahidî İbrahim Dede,1470-1550.شاهدي ابراهيم دده.

Place/Date of Production:

[1711 or 1712].


48 leaves :paper ;270 x 165 (202 x 91) mm.


Elegant copy of the well-known versified Persian-Turkish vocabulary of Şâhidî İbrahim Dede of Muğla (d.1550) with extensive marginal glosses in exquisite shapes.

Other Title(s):

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Persian language--Dictionaries--Turkish--Early works to 1800.
Turkish poetry--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Turkish--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Manuscripts, Persian--Michigan--Ann Arbor.


Headpieces (layout features)18th century.


Ottoman Turkish and Persian.


Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer.


"بنام خالق وحي وتوانا قديم وقادر وبينا ودانا"


"فاعلاتن فاعلاتن فاعلات بو كتابى اوكرن ايج اب وحيات شاهدى يه هر كيم ايلرسه دعا ايده محشرده شفاعت مصطفى"


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Physical Details:

ii, 4 V(40), IV (48) ; quinions followed by a quaternion ; final four leaves left blank ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization (includes inserts and flyleaves).


Written in 7 lines per page ; written area divided to two columns ; frame-ruled ; marginalia in exquisite shapes, mainly floral, quite artistically arranged.


Nastaʻlīq (talik) ; elegant hand ; serifless, with effect of words descending to baseline, closed counters, and elongated horizontal strokes ; fully vocalized.


Superb illuminated headpiece at opening on p.6 consisting of a scalloped w-shaped piece with floral vegetal decoration in pink, lavender, blue, red, and white on fields of gold, blue and green (turquoise), set in a well of red and white and surmounted by vertical stalks (tīgh) ; written area throughout surrounded by a gold frame ; margins and columns within also outlined by gold rules ; red discs accent the text ; whole passages of the gloss rubricated or chrysographed to set off the designs.


European laid paper with 12 laid lines per cm. (horizontal), chain lines spaced 20-21 mm. apart (vertical) and assorted raisin watermarks including grapes under cartouche and crown (p.92, etc.), grapes alone (p.16, etc.) and cartouche alone, dark cream in color, fairly transluscent though sturdy, crisp, highly sized and burnished to glossy ; flyleaves in a different European laid paper with three hats watermark.


Pasteboards (quite thin, semi-limp) covered in dark maroon leather ; Type III binding (without flap) ; doublures in marbled paper (in pink, yellow, blue) ; upper and lower covers carry gold-tooled border and accents ; sewn in pink thread, four stations ; only traces of endband primaries remain ; overall in fair condition with some abrasion, staining, lifting of spine leather, etc.

Former Shelfmarks:

"428 T. De M. [i.e. Tammaro De Marinis]" inscribed in pencil on recto of front flyleaf (p.1) ; "122" inscribed in pencil on 'title page' (p.5).


As appears at the close in the margin of p.92, completed in 1123 [1711 or 12] and apparently presented to Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha (d.1730). This may refer to the composition of the gloss rather than the execution of this manuscript though paper, etc. are certainly consistent with an early 18th century dating.

Ownership and History:

Several former owners' marks on front flyleaf (p.1) and 'title page' (p.5) including statement dated 15 Dhū al-Qaʻdah [?] 1219 [ca. 15 February 1805] in name of Genç Mehmet Paşazade İbrahim (كنچ محمد پاشا زاده الحاج ابراهيم), a statment dated 3 Jumādá 1221 [ca. 19 July 1806], two illegible circular seal impressions, statement in name of Abdullah Ömer (عبد الله عمر), statement in name of one Ömer (عمر وكيل حارسى شهربادى), circular seal impression in name of Mehmet Şükrü (محمد شكرى) dated 1215 [1800 or 1801], two statements (p.1 and p.5) dated 16 Jumādá I 1249 [ca. 1 October 1833] in name of Naşit Efendi (ناشد افندى), statement (likely dated 1287 [1870 or 1] in name of Mustafa Reşit ( Muṣṭafá Rashīd / السيد مصطفى رشيد ) likely son of the grand vezir Mehmet Emin Âli Paşa (d.1871), compare statements (some dated 1286 [1870]) and seal impressions in other manuscripts, including Isl. Ms. 226 and Isl. Ms. 389, along with Isl. Ms. 308, Isl. Ms. 399 and Isl. Ms. 409 ; extensive marginal glosses, which through p.70 appear in a splendid layout of floral and geometric shapes (flowers in vases, cypress tree or sword, etc.) in red, black, blue and green inks.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

07 Mustafa Reşit, fl. 1870, former owner. Abdülhamid II, Sultan of the Turks, 1842-1918, former owner. 07 مصطفى رشيد, مالك سابق.

In Collection:

Abdul Hamid Collection.


Brit. Mus. Cat. Turkish MSS.,pp.139-141

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