Isl. Ms. 825


[Teshil-i Rasad cedid-i Kasînî,late 19th century].[تسهيل رصد جديد قسينى,اواخر القرن 19م].


Durak Paşa Zade.طوراق پاشا زاده.

Place/Date of Production:



30 leaves :paper ;245 x 175 (180 x 120) mm.


Elegant copy of the set of astronomical tables for the period beginning with the opening of the year 1237 [September 1821] and concluding with Shawwāl 1240 [May-June 1825] (see opening matter on p.2) and covering a large geographical area, executed by Durak Paşazade Mir İbrahim el-İstanbulî from the translation from French to Turkish by Halîfezâde İsmail Çınarî of the tables by César-François Cassini de Thury (d.1784).

Other Title(s):

تسهيل راصد جديد قسينىTeshil-i Rasıd cedid-i KasînîTeshîl-i Rasad Cedîd-i KasînîTeshil-i Kasiniتسهيل قسينى


Manuscripts, Turkish--Michigan--Ann Arbor.


Ottoman Turkish.


Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer from opening matter on p.2.


"الحمد لله الذي خلق العرش والكرسى والاكوان والصلاة والسلام على النبى المبعوث في اخر الزمان ... اما بعد عرفاى اولى الابصار ذوى الاستبصاره معلوم اوله كه علم حساب علوم جزئيه نك اشرفى اولمغله عند المحاسبين مشهور ومتعارف اولان رصد جديد قسينى نك زبان افرنجيدن لسان تركى يه ترجمه سنه فضيلتلو خليفه زاده اسماعيل افندى موفق الوب لكن بو انه قدر تسهيلنه ... بو قليل البضاعه طوراق باشا زاده مير ابراهيم الاستانبولى جعل الله التقوى زاده نك ..."


"محفوظ زحل ... مح مشترى ... مح مريخ ... محفوظ زهره ... محفوظ عطارد ... تم بعناية الله وتوفيقه"


Can you help transcribe the colophon? Please comment!


Can you help transcribe the dedication? Please comment!


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Physical Details:

3 V(30) ; exclusively quinions ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization.


Opening matter (pp.2-4) mainly in 28 and 31 lines per page, followed by several pages of sample calculations (pp.4-9), then the tables of varying dimensions.


Naskh approaching ruqʻah ; clear, compact Egyptian [?] hand ; serifless with slight effect of tilt to the left, curvilinear descenders, pointing in distinct dots, some free assimilation of letters.


Keywords, table headings and numerals rubricated ; written area surrounded by red rule-border, table divisions also in red rules.


European laid paper with 8 laid lines per cm. (vertical), chain lines spaced 30 mm. apart (horizontal), and watermarks of crescent (with human profile) in shield (see p.10, 11, etc.) and "Andrea Galvani" (see p.6, etc. and compare nos.1159 and 1161 dated 1871 and 1874 respectively in Nikolaev, Watermarks of the Ottoman Empire, vol.1 as well as p.89 in Walz, "The paper trade of Egypt and the Sudan in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries"), cream in color, quite thick and well-burnished ; minor pest damage, some moisture damage (tide lines and staining).


Fiberboards covered in a streaked paper (reminiscent of tree-marbling or stream marbling, mainly in dark blue) with printed 'waste' visible beneath and red leather over spine ; Type III binding (without flap) ; board linings in untinted paper ; paper labels on spine ; sewn in white thread, four stations ; overall in quite poor condition with much abrasion, staining, losses of paper and board, lifting of leather, detached at spine, etc.

Former Shelfmarks:

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


Lacks dated colophon ; circumstances of composition, paper, etc. suggest late 19th century (see p.88 in Walz, "The paper trade of Egypt and the Sudan in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries").

Ownership and History:

Calculations on upper board lining ; former owners' marks on 'title page' (p.1) include ownership statement in name of ʻAlī Abū Bakr al-Khashshāb al-Falakī al-Dimyāṭī ( على ابو بكر الخشاب الفلكى الدمياطى ) and ownership / purchase statement in name of Muḥammad Aḥmad al-Laqānī [al-Laqqānī] ( محمد احمد اللقانى ), as well as possible former inventory mark with "٥٢" ; fairly clean copy.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Cassini, César-François,--1714-1784.--Tables astronomiques.


Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

07 ʻAlī Abū Bakr al-Khashshāb al-Falakī al-Dimyāṭī, former owner. 08 Muḥammad Aḥmad al-Laqānī, former owner. 07 على ابو بكر الخشاب الفلكى الدمياطى, مالك سابق. 08 محمد احمد اللقانى, مالك سابق.

Related Works:

Tables astronomiques.

In Collection:

Tracy W. McGregor Collection of Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Mathematical and Astronomical Manuscripts.


King, D. A Survey of the scientific manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library (Winona Lake, 1986),no. H41, no. J2Princeton, Islamic Manuscripts, New Series no. 969Nikolaev, Vsevolod. Watermarks of the mediaeval Ottoman documents in Bulgarian libraries. In Watermarks of the Ottoman Empire, volume 1. Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1954.Walz, Terence. "The paper trade of Egypt and the Sudan in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries." In Modernization in the Sudan: essays in honor of Richard Hill. Ed. M.W.Daly, (New York: Lilian Barber, 1985) :29-48.

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