Isl. Ms. 513


Sharḥ Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam,[917, i.e. 1511].شرح فصص الحكم,[917ه، 1511م].


Qayṣarī, Dāwūd ibn Maḥmūd,d. 1350 or 51.قيصري، داوود بن محمود.

Place/Date of Production:



214 leaves :paper ;262 x 187 (210 x 125) mm.


Fine copy of the commentary by Dāwūd ibn Maḥmūd ibn Muḥammad al-Quṣayrī upon Ibn ʻArabī's (d.1240) Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam, a collection of aphorisms summarizing the teaching of 28 prophets from Adam to Muḥammad. Opens with introduction sometimes found on its own and treated as a separate work under the title Maṭlaʻ khuṣūṣ al-kilam fī maʻānī Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam (see pp.2-43).

Other Title(s):

Edge title (tail):شرح الفصوصمطلع خصوص الكلم في معاني فصوص الحكمMaṭlaʻ khuṣūṣ al-kilam fī maʻānī Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam


Islamic philosophy--Early works to 1800.
Sufism--Doctrines--Early works to 1800.
Metaphysics--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Arabic--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Ibn al-ʻArabī,--1165-1240.--Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam.




Ms. codex.
Title from inscription on 'title page' (p.1).


"الحمد لله الذي عين الاعيان بفيضه الاقدس الاقدم وقدرها بعلمه في غيب ذاته ... وبعد يقول العبد الضعيف دآود بن محمود بن محمد القصيري ... لما وفقني الله تع وكشف عليه اسراره ... وكان جماعة من الاخوان المشتغلين بتحصيل الكمال الطالبين لاسرار ذي الجمال والجلال شعروا في قرأة كتاب فصوص الحكم ... وكان الحق قد اطلعني على معانيه المتساطعة ..."


"ويهدي المتوجهين اليه والطالبين وهو الموفق الى الرشاد ومنه المبداء واليه المعاد وهذا اخر ما اردنا بيانه والحمد لله على التوفيق والشكر لولي الحقائق والتحقيق"


"Scribal," reads "فرغ من تحريره في يوم الاحد خامس شهر المحرم سنة سبع عشر وتسعمائة"


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Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Physical Details:

6 V(60), IV (68), 14 V(208), IV-2 (214) ; chiefly quinions ; pages between introduction and rest of text left blank (pp.44045) ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization.


Written in 23 lines per page.


Naskh ; clear, compact Turkish or 'Syrian' hand ; partially but irregularly seriffed with left-sloping head-serif on joined alif and right-sloping head-serif on free-standing alif, effect of tilt to the left, slight effect of words descending to baseline, quite rounded with curvilinear descenders, pointing in strokes rather than distinct dots, somewhat freely ligatured, kāf mashqūqah preferred, point of final nūn assimilated with bowl.


Keywords, numerals and section headings rubricated ; textual dividers in the form of red discs ; overlining in red.


non-European laid paper with 9-10 laid lines per cm. (horizontal) and chain lines grouped in threes with 11-12 mm. between chains and 42-45 mm. between groups (vertical, see p.20, etc.) ; sturdy and thick, medium cream in color, well-burnished to glossy ; some staining.


Pasteboards covered in dull yellow laid paper with tan leather over spine, fore edge flap, and edges/turn-ins (framed binding) ; Type II binding (with flap) ; board linings in untinted laid paper ; upper and lower covers carry blind-tooled design evoking central mandorla, pendants and cornerpieces built up of a repeated star or floral-shaped stamp ; sewn in cream thread, two stations ; worked chevron endbands in dark blue and cream, in protected by extended spine leather, in good condition ; overall in fair condition with some abrasion, staining, pest damage, lifting and losses of paper and leather, etc.

Accompanying Materials:

a. Acquisitions slip from Yahuda -- b. Inventory cataloguing slip in hand of Winifred Smeaton Thomas.

Former Shelfmarks:

From inner front cover and spine label, "IL 211" (likely supplied by Yahuda, see acquisitions slip).


As appears in colophon on p.427, transcription completed 5 Muḥarram 917 [April 1511].

Ownership and History:

Several formal owners' marks on 'title page' (p.1) including waqf statement in name of Maisah [Meyise] bint Muḥammad [?] (ميسه بنت محمد ) reading "قد وقفت هذا الكتاب ميسه بنت محمد ... حاجي عبد الرحمن بن حاجي حنفي [؟] رحمهم الله بحيث لا يباع ولا يشرى ولا يرهن ولا يسترهن وجعلت التولية لمحمود بن احمد عفي عنهم فمن بدله بعد ما سمعه فانما اثمه على الذين يبدلونه" with following statement in name of successor Maḥmūd ibn Aḥmad ( محمود بن احمد ) reading "وقف لله ... محمود بن احمد" accompanied by large octagonal seal impression (seemingly dated 1022 [1613 or 14]) as well as statements in name of one Ḥājjī Ḥusayn ( Hacı Hüseyin / حاجى حسين ) and one Muṣṭafá ( مصطفى ) ; at close on p.427, birth and death notice for a child (Muṣṭafá ibn Muḥammad, with birth 19 Jumādá I 945 [October 1538] and death seven days later) and ownership statement in name of another Muṣṭafá ( مصطفى ) muftī [?] in the district of Jerusalem, dated 1067 [1656 or 7] reading "هذه النسخة انتقل [كذا] في نوبة مصطفى المفتي ... [؟] بقضاء قدس شريف شرفه الله تعالى في سنة سبع وستين والف من هجرة [كذا] النبوية عليه افضل التحية" ; occasional marginal corrections.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

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Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

In Collection:

Yahuda Collection.


Brockelmann, C. GAL,I 442 ; II 231Ateş, A. "Ibnal-ʿArabī, Muḥyi'l-Dīn Abū ʿAbd Allāh Muḥammad b. ʿAlī b. Muḥammad b. al-ʿArabī al-Ḥātimī al-Ṭāʾī, known as al-Shaykh al-Akbar." In EI2,vol. III, p.707, col.2Ḥājjī Khalīfah. Kashf al-ẓunūn,iv 427

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