Isl. Ms. 641


Hādhā Kitāb al-Mawārid al-ladunīyah fī sharḥ al-‘Aynīyah,[1201, i.e. 1787].هذا كتاب الموارد اللدنية في شرح العينية,[1201ه، 1787م].


Bandanījī, ‘Alī al-Qādirī,fl. 1750.بندنيجي، علي القادري.

Place/Date of Production:



92 leaves :paper ;230 x 166 (184-187 x 103-105) mm.


Careful copy of the author's commentary upon his own work, al-ʻAynīyah, a ṣūfī poem in ʻayn.

Other Title(s):

Mawārid al-ladunīyah fī sharḥ al-‘Aynīyahموارد اللدنية في شرح العينيةTitle from inscription on 'title page' (p.1):موارد اللدنية


Sufi poetry, Arabic--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Arabic--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Bandanījī, ‘Alī al-Qādirī,--fl. 1750.--ʻAynīyah.




Ms. codex.
Title from rubricated heading at opening (incipit page, p.2).


"الحمد لله الذي نشر لنا ما انطوى من الطريق المحمدية واظهر بنا ما اختفى من الحقائق الواحدية ... وبعد اقول وانا الفقير السيد علي القادري البندنيجي لما فرغت من نظم قصيدتي العينية سألني بعض المحبين ان اجعل لها شرحا وجيزا ..."


"فانه لا يستعظم قرب الحق من العبد والبقاء بالحق الا المحجوب بكثافة نفسانية وبظلمة صفة حيوانية وفقه الله للاعتقاد الخالص وجعل خاتمته على خير تتمة اللهم اجعل ما الهمتني من علوم حقيقتك ... سبحان ربك رب العزة عما يصفون وسلام على المرسلين والحمد لله رب العالمين"


"Authorial," reads "قد وقع الفراغ من تسويده في سلخ جمادى الاخر قبيل العصر يوم الخميس في سنه ۱۱٦٣ من الهجرة النبوية على صاحبها افضل الصلوة واحمل التسليم والحمد لله اولا واخرا واختتاما" ; "Scribal," reads "من بعده هذه الكتابة سنه ۱۲۰۱ في شهر جمادى ف ق ي ر ض ع ي ف م ح م و د الاول يوم الاحد نصف الشهر قبيل الظهر


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Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Physical Details:

6 V(60), VI (72), 2 V(92) ; almost exclusively quinions ; final two quires (pp.142-184) ruled but left blank ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization.


Written in 19 lines per page ; frame-ruled (impression of ruling board evident).


Naskh ; elegant Persianate Iraqi or Turkish [?] hand ; mainly seriffed with right-sloping head-serif on all ascenders (including free-standing alif) though towards end of the text lest consistent, effect of tilt to the left, curvilinear descenders (rightward descenders large and tapered), elongated vertical strokes, dramatic sweeping shaqq on kāf, pointing (for two and three dots) in strokes rather than distinct dots, partially vocalized.


Headings, keywords, excerpts of poem being commented upon, and colophon rubricated ; written area at opening of codex (first two quires, through p.40) surrounded by 'gilt' (gone to green) rule-border that has burned the paper to breakthrough in some leaves ; same 'gilt' pigment (now gone to green) has been applied to the margins of the incipit page ; elsewhere (p.41 to close of codex) written area surrounded by red rule-border ; textual dividers in the form of red hāʼ ; overlining in red ; diagrams in red and black appear occasionally in margins (see p.33, 50, 120, etc.).


European laid paper with 8 laid liens per cm. (vertical), chain lines spaced 26-28 mm. apart (horizontal), and three crescents watermark (95 mm. long, perpendicular to chains) ; quite dense and sturdy, well-burnished ; some pigment burn to breakthrough at frame of written area in opening leaves.


Boards lost though traces of spine (red leather) and spine lining and hinges (red linen) remain ; perhaps once Type II binding (traces of flap) ; sewn in heavy cream or light pink thread, two stations ; worked endbands in cream over red core, fair condition ; overall in quite poor condition with covers lost, lifting and losses of spine leather and lining, much staining and edge tears, etc. ; housed in box for protection.

Accompanying Materials:

a. Inventory cataloguing slip in hand of Winifred Smeaton Thomas -- b. Acquisitions slip from Yahuda.

Former Shelfmarks:

From 'title page' (p.1) "IL 376" (likely supplied by Yahuda, see acquisitions slip).


As appears in colophon on p.141, copied by one Maḥmūd ( محمود ) who provides his name (preceded by an expression of humility) in a series of letters in isolated form "ف ق ي ر ض ع ي ف م ح م و د", with transcription completed 15 Jumādá I 1201 [ca. 5 March 1787]. As appears in preceding authorial colophon (also on p.141), composition (taswīd) completed end of Jumādá II 1163 [early June 1750].

Ownership and History:

On 'title page' (p.1), waqf statement accompanied by circular seal impression in name of al-Ḥājj Muḥammad Saʻīd ( الحاج محمد سعيد ), statement reads "وقد وقفت هذا الكتاب [المسمى] بالموارد للدنية [اللدنية] وقفا صححى [صحيحا] مرعيا شرائط وانا الفقير الحاج محمد سعيد" (compare statement in Is. Ms. 518).

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

In Collection:

Yahuda Collection.

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