Isl. Ms. 658


[al-Wasāʼil ilá maʻrifat al-Awāʼil maʻa al-Kashf ʻan mujāwazat hādhihi al-ummah al-alf,977, i.e. 1570].[الوسائل الى معرفة الاوائل مع الكشف عن مجاوزة هذه الامة الالف,977ه، 1570م].



Place/Date of Production:



61 leaves :paper ;203 x 148 (143 x 97) mm. bound to 209 x 152 mm.


Careful copy of two works by al-Suyūṭī (d.1505), namely al-Wasāʼil ilá maʻrifat al-Awāʼil, a work of miscellaneous historical notices relating to origins, inventors and inventions, condensing and expanding on al-Awāʼil of Abū Hilāl al-Ḥasan al-ʻAskarī (d. ca.1010), followed by al-Kashf ʻan mujāwazat hādhihi al-ummah al-alf, a treatise analyzing a spurious ḥadīth and addressing happenings at the end of time, lacking a few pages of text from the end.

Other Title(s):

Title from inscription on 'title page' (p.1):كتاب الوسائل الى معرفة الاوائل للسيوطي ويتلوه تمييز الطيب من الخبيث مما يدور على الالسنة من الحديث والكشف عن مجاوزة هذه الالفKashf ʻan mujāwazat hādhihi al-ummah al-alfكشف عن مجاوزة هذه الامة الالف


Islam--History--Early works to 1800.
Islam--Miscellanea--Early works to 1800.
Hadith--Criticism, interpretation, etc.--Early works to 1800.
Islamic eschatology--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Arabic--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
ʻAskarī, Abū Hilāl al-Ḥasan ibn ʻAbd Allāh.--Awāʼil.




Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer.


[al-Wasāʼil ilá maʻrifat al-Awāʼil] "الحمد لله الاول فليس له اخر ... وبعد فهذا كتاب لطيف جامع للاوائل لخصت فيه كتاب الاوائل للعسكري وزدت عليه اضعافه ورتبته ترتيبا ... وسميته الوسائل الى معرفة الاوائل ..." ; [al-Kashf ʻan mujāwazat hādhihi al-ummah al-alf] "الحمد لله وسلام على عباده الذين اصطفى وبعد فقد كثر السؤال عن الحديث المشهور على السنة الناس ان النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم لا يمكث في قبره الف سنة وانا اجيب بانه باطل ... فقصدني القاصدون في كشف وسألني الواردون ان اجعل فيه مؤلفا يزدان لوصفه فاجبتهم الى ما سألوا وشرعت لهم ... وسميته الكشف عن مجاوزة هذه الامة الالف ..."


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[al-Wasāʼil ilá maʻrifat al-Awāʼil] "تم بحمد الله وعون ولله الحمد والمنة اولا واخرا وباطنا وظاهرا وسرا وعلانية ... وعلقه لنفسه ثم لمن شاء الله تعالى من بعده اقل عبيد الله ... علي نور الدين بن الحسن بدر الدين بن محمد جلال الدين البرهمتوشي الشافعي [؟] غفر الله تعالى بكرمه ذنوبه وستر بعفوه ذنوبه وذلك في اليوم المبارك الثالث من شهر رمضان المعظم ... من شهور سنة سبع وسبعين وتسعمائة احسن الله ختامها وما بعدها في خير وعافية وسلامة امين امين امين وصلى الله علي سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه وسلم"


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1. p.2-p.109 : al-Wasāʼil ilá maʻrifat al-Awāʼil / al-Suyūṭī.
2. p.110-p.118 : al-Kashf ʻan mujāwazat hādhihi al-ummah al-alf / al-Suyūṭī.
3. p.119-p.122 : [blank].

Physical Details:

i, V-1 (9), 5 V(59), I (61), i ; almost exclusively quinions ; final added bifolium left blank ; quire numbering in the form of whole words in the upper outer corner of the recto of the opening leaf of each quire (partially cut off) ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization.


Written in 21 lines per page.


Naskh ; compact, somewhat angular Egyptian hand in a medium to bold line (line thickness varies somewhat) ; serifless with slight inclination to the left (with words descending to baseline), elongation of horizontal strokes, pointing in distinct dots, kāf mashqūqah preferred (even final kāf), foot of final isolated lām quite flattened and elongated (sits on baseline).


Section headings, keywords, and some abbreviation symbols (two-teeth stroke, etc.) rubricated.


European laid paper with 9 laid lines per cm. (vertical), chain lines spaced 29 mm. (horizontal), anchor in circle watermark with six-pointed star above (see pp.6 and 12,etc.), "AP" or "AS" countermark (see p.8), well-sized and burnished, sturdy though fairly crisp.


Boards covered in black cloth ; Western style binding ; pastedowns and flyleaves in light olive green wove paper ; resewn in white thread, six stations ; overall in good condition.

Accompanying Materials:

a. Inventory cataloguing slip in hand of Winifred Smeaton Thomas -- b. Acquisitions slip from Yahuda.

Former Shelfmarks:

From inner front cover and label on lower cover, "IL 411a" (likely supplied by Yahuda, see acquisitions slip).


As appears in colophon on p.109, opening work copied for himself by ʻAlī Nūr al-Dīn ibn al-Ḥasan Badr al-Dīn ibn Muḥammad Jalāl al-Dīn al-Barhamtūshī ( علي نور الدين بن الحسن بدر الدين بن محمد جلال الدين البرهمتوشي ) with transcription completed 3 Ramaḍān 977 [February 1570]. Second work appears to have been supplied by the same copyist around the same time.

Ownership and History:

Ownership statement on 'title page' (p.1) in name of Muḥammad ibn Muṣṭafá al-Qādirī ( السيد محمد القادري ابن المرحوم مصطفى القادري ) accompanied by partially lost seal impression ; occasional glosses and marginal corrections.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Kashf ʻan mujāwazat hādhihi al-ummah al-alfكشف عن مجاوزة هذه الامة الالف


07 ʻAlī ibn al-Ḥasan ibn Muḥammad al-Barhamtūshī , fl. 1570, scribe. 07 علي بن الحسن بن محمد البرهمتوشي, ناسخ.

Former Owner(s):

08 Muḥammad ibn Muṣṭafá al-Qādirī, former owner. 08 محمد بن مصطفى القادري, مالك سابق.

In Collection:

Yahuda Collection.


Brockelmann, C. GAL,II 158Ḥājjī Khalīfah. Kashf al-ẓunūn,vi 435 no.14213

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