Isl. Ms. 11 v.2


[al-Juzʼ al-thānī min Irshād al-ʻaql al-salīm,17th century].[الجزء الثاني من إرشاد العقل السليم,القرن 17م].


Abū al-Saʻūd Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad,1492 or 3-1574.أبو السعود محمد بن محمد.

Place/Date of Production:



501 leaves :paper ;295 x 195 (210 x 120) mm.


Fine copy of an odd second volume of Abū al-Suʻūd's commentary on the Qurʼān, beginning with Sūrat al-Naḥl (16) and ending with Sūrat al-Nās (114). See Mich. Isl. Ms. 11 v.1 for first volume.

Other Title(s):

Irshād al-ʻaql al-salīm.juzʼ 2ارشاد العقل السليم.جزء 2Edge title (tail):جزء ثاني تفسير ابو سعود


Manuscripts, Arabic--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Koran--Commentaries--Early works to 1800.




Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer.


"اتى امر الله اي الساعة او ما يعمه وغيرها من العذاب الموعود للكفرة عبر عن ذلك بامر الله تعالى للتفخيم وتهويل وللايذان بان تحققه في نفسه"


"واشرف ايامي يوم القاك يوم يقوم الناس لرب العالمين فريقا فريقا احشرين مع الذين انعمت عليهم من النبيين والصديقين الشهداء والصالحين وحسن اولئك رفيقا"


"Authorial" and "Scribal," rectangular, reads: "كتب المؤلف عفى الله تعالى عنه في اخر نسخة الاصل اتفق الفراغ من تسويدها تيك الاوراق بتوفيق الله عز سلطانه ليلة الجمعة الاولى من شهر الله الحرام رجب الفرد لعام ٩٧٣ حامدا لله رب العالمين ومصليا على سيده محمد صلى الله تعالى عليه و على سائر الانبياء والمرسلين والملائكة المقربين اجمعين"


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Physical Details:

i, IV-1 (7), V+2 (19), 2 V(39), IV (47), 10 V(147), 2 IV(163), 3 V(193), IV (201), 4 V(241), IV (249), 2 V(269), IV (277), III-1 (282), 10 V(382), IV (390), 3 V(420), IV (428), 3 V(458), III+2 (466), 2 V(486), V+1 (497), II (501), i ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization (includes front flyleaf and inserts ; skips two pages each between pp.109-110, pp.217-218, pp.271-272, pp.415-416, pp.521-522 and pp.575-576).


Written in 29 lines per page ; frame-ruled.


Naskh ; mainly a clear Syrian hand, virtually serifless with slight effect of tilt to the left, many closed counters, curvilinear descenders, occasional superscripting of final words or letters of line, and pointing mainly in distinct dots, extensively vocalized ; more compact from p.567 on ; pp.681-684 supplied in a different hand, namely an elegant Ottoman naskh, partially seriffed, with effect of tilt to the left, mainly open counters, superscripting of final letters of words, and some elongation of horizontal strokes ; sūrah headings often in a larger tawqīʻ script.


Sūrah headings rubricated or in blue ink, also often overlined in red ; textual dividers in the form of red and blue discs appear on page facing incipit page and following page.


European laid paper mainly with 10 laid lines per cm. (horizontal), chain lines spaced 20 mm. apart (vertical), and watermark of man with stick over his shoulder in circle ; flyleaves in a different European laid paper with chain lines spaced 30 mm. apart (vertical) and three hats and 'L V' in circle watermarks ; several older repairs, tide-lines and cockled pages especially at front of codex.


Pasteboards covered in dark brown leather now overlaid with laid marbled paper (blue, pink, yellow, etc.) ; spine repaired with two pieces of red leather ; Type II binding (though flap now lost) ; upper and lower board linings in light green laid paper stamped with floral design ; traces of stamped mandorla in leather under marbled paper ; sewn in dark brown thread, four stations ; worked chevron endbands in blue, salmon and yellow, mostly intact at head and tail ; overall in fair condition with some abrasion, lifting and losses of paper, boards delaminating at corners, leather on spine showing some splitting and red rot, etc. otherwise sound.

Accompanying Materials:

Several inserted slips carrying notes (paginated pp.55-56, 149-150, 241-242, 313-314, 365-366, 357-358) and folded document (paginated pp. 815-816).

Former Shelfmarks:

British Museum, London "No. 28 Abu Suud's Commentary on Kuran. Vol. 2." ; "٦٠" on tail of textblock.


Lacks dated scribal colophon ; paper suggests early 17th century.

Ownership and History:

Bookplate of British Museum, London on interior of lower cover, "British Museum, London. No. 28 Abu Suud's Commentary on Kuran. Vol. 2." ; circular seal impression with figure of goat/gazelle in purple ink as well as inscription "95" in Western numerals on 'title page' (p.3) ; circular waqf-seal impression in black ink appears on 'title page' (p.3) and several places throughout, reads: "هذا وقف الراجي فيض الصمدي الشيخ احمد ضيا الدين ابن مصط فى الخالدي فمن بدله بعد ما سمعه فانما اثمه على الذين يبدلونه" ; possible book price (or inventory number) on interior of upper cover ; glosses and occasional marginal corrections.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

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Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

In Collection:

Tiflis Collection.


Brockelmann, C. GAL,II 439 ; S II 651

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