Isl. Ms. 126


[Kitāb al-Taʻrīfāt,1177, i.e. 1764].[كتاب التعريفات,1177ه، 1764م].


Jurjānī, ʻAlī ibn Muḥammad,al-Sayyid al-Sharīf,1340-1413.جرجاني، علي بن محمد،السيد الشريف.

Place/Date of Production:



80 leaves :paper ;216 x 150 (155 x 69) bound to 216 x 160 mm.


Neat copy of al-Jurjānī's dictionary of philosophical and Sufi terms, followed by brief excerpts of other works.

Other Title(s):

Taʻrīfātتعريفات[تعر]يفات سيد [شريف]


Sufism--Dictionaries--Early works to 1800.
Islamic philosophy--Dictionaries--Early works to 1800.
Islam--Terminology--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Arabic--Michigan--Ann Arbor.




Ms. codex.
Title from opening (p.6).


"الحمد لله حق حمده والصلوة على خير خلقه محمد واله وبعد فهذه تعريفات جمعتها واصطلاحات اخذتها من كتب القوم ورتبتها على حروف الهجآء من الالف والباء الى الياء ..."


"اليونسية وهو اصحاب يونس ابن عبد الرحمن قال الله تعالى على العرش تحمله الملائكة تمت"


"Scribal," triangular, reads: "الحمد لله على التمام والصلوة والسلام على محمد سيد الانام وعلى اله واصحابه نجوم الظلام وانا الفقير عمر ابن محمد عفي عنهما الفرد الصمد تم تم تم ... حررت هذا الكتاب من نسخ ثلث وقابلته منها بعد التحرير ... قد وقع الفراغ في سنة سبع وسبعين ومائة والف من هجرة من له العز والشرف في اواسط رمضان المبارك في ليلة الاحد تم تم"


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Physical Details:

ii, 8 V(80) ; entirely quinions ; catchwords present ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization (includes inserts and flyleaves).


Written in 23 lines per page ; frame-ruled.


Naskh-nastaʻlīq ; virtually serifless ; mainly closed counters ; effect of words descending to baseline, occasionally more exaggerated ; occasional extension of horizontal strokes.


Keywords, section headings, and abbreviations rubricated ; textual divders in the form of discs in red ; diagram in margin on p.114 and on p.120.


European laid paper with 10 laid lines per cm. (vertical), chain lines spaced 20-23 mm. apart (horizontal), and three hats watermark (similar to Heawood 2599 though later) ; well-burnished and smooth ; quite thin and translucent ; much staining.


Pasteboards covered in red leather with dark brown leather at spine, fore-edge flap and edges/turn-ins, now covered in paper and green-blue cloth ; Type II binding (with flap) ; board linings in yellow laid paper ; sewn in black or dark blue thread, two stations ; enbands virtually gone with only traces of primaries and core remaining ; in poor condition with abrasion, lifting and losses to cloth, spine slant (cocked), and entire textblock warped, etc.

Accompanying Materials:

Slips bearing notes (paginated pp.71-72, pp.97-98, pp.155-156).

Former Shelfmarks:

British Museum, London "No. 87. Tarifat of Jurjani."


As appears in colophon on p.161, copied from and collated with three manuscripts by ʻUmar ibn Muḥammad. Transcription finished ("ḥarrartu hādhā al-kitāb...qad waqaʻa al-farāgh...") mid-Ramaḍān 1177 [March 1764].

Ownership and History:

Bookplate of British Museum, London on interior of upper cover, "British Museum, London. No. 87. Tarifat of Jurjani." ; circular seal impression with figure of goat/gazelle in purple ink as well as inscription "119" in Western numerals on interior of upper cover ; on blue-tinted paper pasted on ’title page’ (p.5), a detailed waqf statement in the name of al-Sayyid ʻAbd Allāh Adīb (Abdullah Edip), known as Jannatʹzādah (Cennet-zade), qāḍī of Erzurum, accompanied by his seal, reads: "وقفت وقفا صحيحا شرعيا على ان لا يخرج من بيت الكتب الملتصق بداري الا لعلماء سكنوا بارضروم بكفيل مرعى اورهن قوي وانا الفقير اليه عز شانه السيد عبد الله اديب الشهير بجنت زاده القاضي بمدينة ارضروم في سنة اثنى وستين ومائتين والف" ; also on 'title page' (p.5) several seal impressions, square, octagonal and oval ; oval seal impression "حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل السيد اسماعيل محيي" accompanies ownership statement in name of Jannat’zādah, al-Sayyid Ismāʻīl Muḥyī ibn Muḥammad Rāghib (Cennetzade İsmail Muhyi bin Mehmet Ragıp) reads "انتقل بالارث الشرعي الى ملك الفقير اليه سبحانه وتعالى جنت زاده اسماعيل محيي المدرس وقائمقام ونقيب الاشرف بارضروم ابن جنت زاده محمد راغب المفتي وبعد حاكم الشرع النبوي بمدينة ... [؟] غفر لهم ولوالديهم ..." ; several dated statements (ranging from 1217 to 1246 [1802 to 1831] with one death notice dated 1292 [1875]) in Ottoman Turkish on final leaves (p.168-170) and lower board lining, birth notices, death notices, etc. ; numerous glosses and occasional marginal corrections ; collation statement within colophon.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

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04 ʻUmar ibn Muḥammad, fl.1764, scribe, collator. 04 عمر بن محمد، ناسخ، مقابل.

Former Owner(s):

05 Cennetzade İsmail Muyhi bin Mehmet Ragıp, fl. 1817 or 8, former owner. 05 جنت زاده اسماعيل محيى بن محمد راغب، مالك سابق.

In Collection:

Tiflis Collection.


Brockelmann, C. GAL,II, 216 ; SII, 305

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