Isl. Ms. 76


[al-Tawḍīḥ ʻalá al-Tanqīḥ fī al-Uṣūl,18th century].[التوضيح على التنقيح في الأصول,القرن 18م].


Maḥbūbī, ʻUbayd Allāh ibn Masʻūd,d. 1346 or 7.محبوبي، عبيد الله بن مسعود.

Place/Date of Production:



148 leaves :paper ;218 x 168 (140 x 73) mm. bound to 218 x 173 mm.


Fine copy of the author's commentary on his Tanqīḥ al-Uṣūl, on the principles of jurisprudence. Incomplete ; ends abruptly with final quires left blank.

Other Title(s):

Tawḍīḥ fī ḥall ghawāmiḍ al-Tanqīḥتوضيح في حل غوامض التنقيح


Islamic law--Interpretation and construction--Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Arabic--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Maḥbūbī, ʻUbayd Allāh ibn Masʻūd,--d. 1346 or 7.--Tanqīḥ al-uṣūl.




Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer.


"حامدا لله تعالى اولا وثانيا ولعنان الثناء اليه ثانيا وعلى افضل رسله مصليا وفي حيلته الصلوات مجليا ومصليا وبعد فان العبد المتوسل الى الله تعالى باقوى الذريعة عبيد الله بن مسعود بن تاج الشريعة سعد جده وانجح جده يقول لما وقفني الله تعالى بتاليف تنقيح الاصول اردت ان اشرح مشكلاته وافتح مغلقاته ..."


"فالخليل لما خاف الاشتباه والتلبيس على القوم انتقل الى ملة اخرى لا يكون فيها اشتباه اصلا والثالث كقولنا"


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1. fol.1b-fol.116a : al-Tawḍīḥ [incomplete].
2. fol.116b-fol.148b : [blank].

Physical Details:

V (10), V+1 (21), 3 V(51), IV (59), 6 V(119), I (121), V (131), VI (143), III-1 (148) ; chiefly quinions ; text ends in fifth quire from end with final leaves of that quire ruled but left blank ; final four quires also blank ; final word of the last line of each verso repeated at the beginning of the top line of the recto of the following leaf ; pagination in pencil, Western numerals, supplied during digitization (includes inserts).


Written in 23 lines per page ; frame-ruled (impression of ruling board evident).


Naskh-nastaʻlīq with strong elements of nastaʻlīq ; elegant hand ; serifless ; effect of gentle slant to the left ; slight effect of words descending to baseline ; contrast of thickness in horizontal strokes compared to vertical ; initial hāʼ looking like to two inverted commas.


Text rubricated with keywords, overlining, etc. in red.


European laid paper, a few types ; quires bearing text in perhaps two papers, watermarks present but difficult to examine, laid lines vertical with roughly 10 laid lines per cm., chain lines spaced roughly 26-28 mm. apart ; blank quires in still a different European paper with watermark lion rampant in shield/scrollwork with crown above and "F C A" below, 22-23 mm. between horizontal chain lines, laid lines spaced roughly 13 per cm., highly burnished and medium thickness ; fourth to final quire (single bifolium) bears watermark "FIN DE ... 1742" comparable to Heawood 3265.


Pasteboards covered in block-printed paper (floral design, for best view see envelope flap) with spine and edges/turn-ins in red brown leather ; Type II binding (with flap) ; board linings in laid European paper ; sewn in cream thread, two stations ; endbands nearly gone, only core and primaries remain ; in poor condition with much abrasion, staining, cracking and lifting of leather along fore-edge flap ; boards delaminating ; minor pest damage.

Accompanying Materials:

Two small slips with excerpts in black ink (paginated pp.67-68 and pp.69-70).

Former Shelfmarks:

British Museum, London "No. 40. Commentary on Usul al-fikh."


Lacks dated colophon but paper would suggest 18th century.

Ownership and History:

Bookplate of British Museum, London on inner front cover, "From the British Museum, London. No. 40. Commentary on Usul al-fikh." ; circular seal impression with figure of goat/gazelle in purple ink as well as inscription "350" in Western numerals on fol.1a (p.1) ; also on fol.1a (p.1) waqf statement reads "قد وقفت وقفا صحيحا لا يباع ولا يرهن فمن بدله بعد ما سمعه فانما اثمه على الذين يبدلونه" with "استعيذ بالله" ; occasional marginal corrections in hand of copyist.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

Former Owner(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!

In Collection:

Tiflis Collection.

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