Isl. Ms. 437


[Munājāt ʻAlī ... etc.,994, i.e. 1585 or 1586].[مناجات على ... الخ,994ه, 1585 او 1586م].


ʻAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib,Caliph,ca. 600-661.علي بن ابي طالب,خليفة.

Place/Date of Production:

[Istanbul,1585 or 1586].


23 leaves :paper ;258 x 117 (228 x 81) mm.


Elegant copy of a majmūʻah with the qaṣīdah in ʻayn, Munājāt ʻAlī, from the dīwān attributed to ʻAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib (ca. 600-661), followed by a collection of seal impressions (decoratively mounted) and a later assortement of excerpts in verse and prose, in Persian and Turkish. Contribution to the cataloguing from Ali Rafi.

Other Title(s):

Poems.Selectionsديوان.مختاراتقصيدة عينية


Arabic poetry--622-750.
Islam--Prayers and devotions--Early works to 1800.
Calligraphy, Arabic--Specimens.
Calligraphy, Persian--Specimens.
Writing, Arabic--Specimens.
Stamp seals--Turkey.
Stamp seals--Middle East.
Manuscripts, Arabic--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Manuscripts, Persian--Michigan--Ann Arbor.
Manuscripts, Turkish--Michigan--Ann Arbor.


Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Turkish.


Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloguer.


[Munājāt ʻAlī] "لك الحمد يا ذا الجود والمجد والعلى تباركت تعطي من تشاء وتمنع ..."


[Munājāt ʻAlī] "وصل عليه ما دعاك موحد وناجاك اخيار ببابك ركع"


[Munājāt ʻAlī] "كتبت لحضرة سلطان العلماء برهان الفضلاء خواجه السلطان الاعظم مالك رقاب الامم السلطان مراد خان دام في حفظ ربنا المستعان سعد الدين افندى لا زالت محامده مذكورة ومأثره مشهورة الى انقراض الزمان الفقير المذنب محمد رضاى انسى النسب في سنة اربع وتسعين وتسعمائة بمحروسۀ قسطنطنية"


As appears on fol.4a, Munājāt ʻAlī executed for Hoca Sadettin Efendi (d.1599), renowned şeyhülislâm and tutor of Sultan Murat III (r.1574-1595).


1. fol.1b-fol.4a : [Munājāt ʻAlī] / ʻAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib.
2. fol.4b-fol.10a : [collection of seal impressions].
3. fol.10b-fol.12a : [blank].
4. fol.12b : [dated statement].
5. fol.13a : [blank].
6. fol.13b-fol.22b : [assorted former owners' marks and excerpts in verse and prose (including Nâbî, Kāshānī, etc.) with occasional leaves left blank].
7. fol.23a-fol.23b : [mainly blank].

Physical Details:

I (2), 4 II(18), I+1 (21), I (23) ; mainly binions and single bifolia ; pagination in black ink, Hindu-Arabic numerals.


Munājāt ʻAlī written in 10 lines per page ; frame-ruled ; remaining poetic and prose excerpts vary widely, though most are written on the diagonal.


Nastaʻlīq ; a large, exquisite hand with elongation and somewhat exaggerated constrast in thickness between horizontal and vertical strokes ; later excerpts in nastaʻlīq and in ruqʻah.


Gold-flecked bands surround lines of text [Munājāt ʻAlī] ; written area surrounded by gold frame ; seal impressions set in decorative, multi-colored mounts, mainly octagonal, rectangular, oval, sun / star, etc. in shape, cut from assorted papers.


non-European laid paper with roughly 8 laid lines per cm. (vertical, somewhat indistinct) and occasional chain lines faintly visible, cloudy formation, thick and sturdy, well-burnished ; "leaves" mainly composed of two (occasionally more) leaves layered together, delaminating in several instances, with several now hinged together / guarded with strips of striped textile ; some leaves tinted (mainly yellow) and gold or silver flecked ; seal impressions mounted on decorative papers.


Pasteboards covered in black leather ; Type III binding (without flap) ; doublures in brown leather, doublure hinges (extending under doublures) in scalloped marbled paper (in blue and white) ; upper and lower covers carry gold-tooled ornament (octagonal or lobed diamond shape) built up from interlace pattern, along with tooled and gold-painted border in a series of s-shaped stamps ; sewn in white thread, four stations ; overall in fairly good condition with minor staining, etc. ; repair to spine (rebacked) in black leather (gone to gray).

Former Shelfmarks:

"198 T. De M. [i.e. Tammaro De Marinis]" inscribed in pencil on verso of opening leaf ('title page').


As appears in colophon at close of on fol.4a, Munājāt ʻAlī executed in Istanbul for Hoca Sadettin Efendi (d.1599), renowned şeyhülislâm and tutor of Sultan Murat III (r.1574-1595), by Mehmet Rıza, Rıza-yi Enesi [of Enez in Edirne?]. Poetic excerpts appear to be dated Dhū al-Ḥijjah 1138 [July-August 1726] (see fol.12b, fol.22a, etc.) and 15 Muḥarram 1139 [ca. 12 September 1726] (see fol.1a).

Ownership and History:

Likely ownership statement on verso of opening leaf ('title page') in name of Ahmet Esat bin Mehmet Salih (Aḥmad Asʻad ibn Muḥammad Ṣāliḥ / احمد اسعد بن محمد صالح ) ; inscription with oval seal impression on final leaf in name of one Ababeyzade, reads "الحقير ابابيك زاده" ; vast collection of seal impressions.

Contributor(s) / Included work(s):

Unidentified-Can you help supply this information? Please comment!


05 Mehmet Rıza, fl. 1585, scribe, calligrapher. 05 محمد رضا, ناسخ, خطاط.

Former Owner(s):

Sadeddin, Hoca, 1536-1599, former owner. Abdülhamid II, Sultan of the Turks, 1842-1918, former owner.

In Collection:

Abdul Hamid Collection.


Brockelmann, C. GAL,I 43 f.University of Michigan Library. Manuscripts & papyri : an exhibition arranged for the XXVII International Congress of Orientalists, Ann Arbor, Michigan, August 13-19, 1967. (Ann Arbor, MI [?], 1967),no.77 p.21Brocade of the pen : the art of Islamic writing. Carol Garrett Fisher, ed. (East Lansing, MI: Kresge Art Museum, Michigan State University, 1991),no.2, p.83Zakariya, Mohamed. "Islamic calligraphy: A technical overview." In Brocade of the pen: the art of Islamic writing. Carol Garrett Fisher, ed. (East Lansing, MI: Kresge Art Museum, Michigan State University, 1991):1-17

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Ali Rafi on paragraph 9:

Dear Mrs Kropf

The main Text of this manuscript is in Arabic (The Qasida) and there is also some poems (mostly in structure of Qazals) in Persian. But all of the notes in pages between Persian poems (pp.32, pp.34-39, pp.46) is in Turkish, which were mostly written in 1137 (=1725) by علی فوادبک
and رودس زاده

So i think the Language-entry of this record could be: Arabic (main), Persian and Turkish.

March 1, 2012 8:10 am
Faisal Husain on whole page :

Salaam. Thank you for this wonderful database!

August 17, 2012 3:16 pm

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