MIX: List of Lightning Talk Presenters

Name | Randal Baier
Title | Media & Arts Librarian 
Institution | Eastern Michigan University
Name of Presentation | The Benefits of Librarian Leadership in University Teaching and Learning Programs
Abstract | Most library outreach to teaching faculty relies on direct librarian-faculty contact through liaison relationships, rather than direct involvement in faculty development programs. In our experience, focusing on faculty or instructional development, and technology support for teaching, is also a critical locus for librarian leadership on campus.

At Eastern Michigan University, librarians are active participants on the university-wide Faculty Development Advisory Committee, and collaborate to plan integrated services in support of various faculty initiatives.

In this presentation, we discuss the mutual positive benefit derived from librarian leadership in faculty development. Based on our review of similar efforts on other campuses, we conclude by suggesting the types of librarian support and arrangements that are most beneficial in these collaborations.

Our presentation contains specific examples of how librarians can promote research and critical thinking while supporting teaching and learning. We show how librarians embody the critical link between classroom skills and the now essential competencies of digital research and information literacy.

Name | Suzanne Bernsten
Title | Web Services Librarian
Institution | Lansing Community College Library
Name of Presentation | Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater
Abstract | Have you ever tried a new activity or technique in an instruction session that did not go so well? How many times have you done this and then given up completely on repeating the technique in future sessions? Rather than giving up when something does not work out the first time, learn how to use an IOR (Implement, Observe, and Reflect) log to implement new techniques, observe how they went, and reflect on your observations.

Name | Stephanie DeLano Davis
Title | Information Literacy Librarian
Institution | Northwestern Michigan College
Name of Presentation | Exploring Other Views: Helping Students Discover Keywords
Abstract | Conducting background research is an important step in the research process, but one many students, especially first year English composition students, avoid. Find out how Northwestern Michigan College's information literacy instruction helps students discover the value of background research by integrating a keyword discovery activity into its instruction session for ENG 111, English Composition. Collaboration with faculty, use of a handout and access to varied resources, print and digital, help this activity succeed.  Presentation will include description of the process, including teaching plan used, incorporation of handout and discussion of how this activity supports the Exploring Other Views writing assignment as well as broader general education standards.

Name | Karen Liston
Title | Librarian III and Liaison 'for less commonly taught languages, ESL & Int'l Students'
Institution | Wayne State University
Name of Presentation | Speaking Their Language
Abstract | Multicultural and global trends are present in every aspect of our students', faculty members', and indeed our own professional lives. Incorporating non-English language examples into your instruction toolset can broaden your students', and your own, comfort in using these often unique resources when and where they occur.  You'll learn some tips and tricks for bringing out the unique language features of common tools, as well as how - and why - to seamlessly fit them into your students' instructional experiences.

Name | Sara Miller
Title | Head of Information Literacy
Institution | Michigan State University
Name of Presentation | Disciplinary Literacy in the MIX
Abstract | Engage your students from the get go!
Are your students interested in Geology? Psychology? How about MIXology?
Throw some Disciplinary Literacy into the MIX; start an instruction session by having students read a press release or a blog posting from a professional organization within their major. Check out the Geological Society of America the American Psychological Association, or even the National Bartenders Association! Using this type of writing as a jumping off point, librarians can:

  • Encourage inquiry generation (“What questions do you have after reading this blog/ press release, etc.?”)
  • Encourage keyword generation (“What words would you choose if you were going to find out more on this topic?”)
  • Introduce another form of writing (other than article, book, website,
    etc.) within their major

Name | Mary O'Kelly
Title | Head of Instructional Services
Institution | Grand Valley State University
Name of Presentation | Peer Research Consultants: A New Approach to Peer Learning in an Academic Library
Abstract | This fall Grand Valley State University will be premiering a brand new peer research consultation service in the library. Highly trained student consultants will be available during the evening to help fellow students with topic selection, library research, evaluation of sources, and general information literacy skills in order to help them complete their assignments and to get point-of-need library assistance. This is not a replacement for library instruction or research consultations with librarians; rather, this is a new instructional service to reach our students during the traditionally busy yet lower-staffed evening hours. This service is based on peer learning pedagogy more typically embraced by writing centers, yet it has tremendous potential for instructional application in libraries. This lightning talk will focus on the pedagogy, hiring process, and training program for these advanced student research consultants and how this new service could transform learning experiences in the academic library.

Name | Marcus Richter / Steven Vest
Title | Technical Services Librarian / Reference Librarian
Institution | Alma College
Name of Presentation | Project Oriented Assignments in Library Instruction: A Team Approach
Abstract | With the many changes in the elementary education curriculum students come to college with fewer library research skills than ever before while they face a work environment that favors a team approach to task completion.  At Alma College we are now testing a library instruction technique that utilizes breaking students into groups to solve problems rather than a traditional lecture format.  This approach is more oriented to active learning and accommodates a wider range of learning styles.  It also allows immediate, practical application of research tools.  As students work together to solve research problems they see the information in context and begin to understand the limitations of their own abilities while they get a feeling for research opportunities “beyond Google”. We find this makes students more open to new research approaches.

Name | Beth Walker
Title | Director of Libraries
Institution | College for Creative Studies
Name of Presentation | Engaging Student-To-Student Interaction In Online Instruction
Abstract | This presentation will provide tips for engaging student-to-student interaction in online instruction in library science education, where the isolation and lack of interaction amongst students continues to be a frequent complaint. Power point slides will show how interactive software such as Pinterest, Wallwisher, and blogs, including WordPress and Tumbler, group discussion boards and chat can supplement asynchronous learning. Increasingly, students prefer asynchronous instruction in an online environment due to the differing time zones of national and international students, in addition to their busy lives.

The purpose of this presentation is to show strategies and lessons learned in trying to mimic the in-classroom experience for online and distance education. While library science transcends well to online instruction, there are still ways to enhance and improve the online education experience.

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