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Instruction Resources Guide

Please visit our Instructor College: Instruction Resources guide to find a multitude links to instruction resources covering the following topics:

  • Learning Theory
  • Information Literacy
  • Instruction Strategies
  • One-Shot Workshops
  • Technology
  • Assessment
UM Library Instruction Wiki

The UM Library Instruction Wiki serves as a repository for UM Library instructors to share course information, lecture notes, lesson plans, assignments, etc. New library instructors may use the wiki to find standard existing instructional modules or find out if other library instructors have previously taught a given class.

The wiki is constantly updated and includes administrative information such as classroom locations and scheduling information and unit instruction coordinators. New instructors should feel free to add to and edit the wiki. Access to the wiki requires authentication.

Lesson Study

Lesson Study is a method of developing lesson plans that involves collaboration and creativity. It is an iterative process in which teachers brainstorm, discuss and implement lesson ideas, try them out on a class, and then come back together to revise and rethink the lesson. What results is a high-quality lesson plan that has been tested and tried multiple times.

Instructor College has supported a local Lesson Study group. View and download the lesson plans and learn more about Lesson Study.

Instructor College Cafe Files
The  Cafe was an initative led by the UM Instructor College steering committee in 2011 - 2013. The project as originally imagined would give library instructors a place to share resources and build a community of practice around the development and use of these materials.  The Cafe webpages were suspended in December 2013, although the spirit of the cafe continues in the many ways we continue to share resources.  The contributed files are now available in this public Google Drive folder.  For more information, contact


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