Faculty Relationships

Developing Faculty Relationships - Some tips for librarians


Be visible

  • Go to department seminars and lectures
  • Audit a class
  • Attend department social events, e.g., Fall welcome receptions
  • Walk the halls
  • Say "hi"


Keep current

  • Get on department mailing list
  • Join department e-mail group
  • Read department publications (e.g., newsletter, alumni news, faculty meeting minutes)


Reach out

  • Invite new faculty to lunch
  • Make office calls -- by appointment
  • Offer to speak at a faculty meeting
  • Ask to be included in department orientation
  • Send very occasional short e-mails filled with important news


Be a partner

  • Give a concise list of the value of library instruction
  • Ask where students are having difficulty



  • Faculty time is in short supply!
  • A negative response to your overture is not a personal rejection of you
  • Working with faculty is a long-term effort.  It takes time - usually several years
  • There is no substitute for the relationship
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