For Instructors

Faculty, GSIs and lecturers can request library instruction for their class.  MLibrary also has Teach it Yourself resources, videos, and technology workshops for instructors.  Read what UM instructors say about the value of library instruction to their students' education.


  • Request a Session
    • Bring your class to the library and have a librarian teach
    • Have a librarian visit your class
    • See rare materials
    • Screen a film
    • Get a tour of the library
    • Consult with a librarian to design/improve your research assignment
    • Visit our "About" page to see more examples of library sessions.
  • Teach it Yourself
    • Show videos about how to access library resources
    • Use one of our modules with videos, quizzes, and slide presentations to teach about plagiarism or finding scholarly articles
  • Contact your subject librarian
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Last modified: 12/17/2015