Project Plan

The grant will proceed generally along two tracks: (1) the continued copyright determination of books published in the US between 1923 and 1963 as established in the first project grant from the IMLS (see CRMS) and (2) the development and deployment of a copyright determination process for books published in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Spain.  Both processes will include the development of web-based training to increase the number of participating, qualified reviewers over the three years of the project.  Activities will be publicized on this website throughout the project as well as in other communication and information venues.

Phase 1 (Six months: December 2011 - May 2012) CRMS-World:  Phase 1 of the project will be to develop and validate a new review and determination process to identify public domain works from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. This will include: legal analysis of the copyright laws applicable to books published in each of these countries; the implications for copyright status of these books in the United States; and the related workflows, decision trees and resources to be consulted in each case.  These products will be developed with the advisory expert working committee coordinated by project staff.  It is expected that we will organize a face-to-face meeting of the working committee in Phase 1 to facilitate preparation, approval and completion of these resources.  Using these resources, we will prepare technical plans for needed software and programming.  We will also prepare teaching materials for reviewers who will work on international copyright determinations.  These materials will be tested and adjusted as needed; they will include web-based training. We will meet with partner reviewers in Ann Arbor in Spring 2012 to train them for the course of the project. In addition, we will also begin developing a process for identifying Spanish works in partnership with our local institutions there.  For CRMS-US - During Phase 1 we will continue reviews and determinations with our existing process for books published in the US from 1923 to 1963 with our established partners.  We will develop and test a web-based training module based on the in-person training established in the first CRMS grant and implement for new reviewers on a limited basis (due to staffing constraints). 

Phase 2 (Twelve months: June 2012 - May 2013) CRMS-World: In Phase 2 we will release the CRMS-World Training module (CRMS-World Training 1.0), and initiate reviewer training.  We will test the web interface for training, refine as needed and release beta training for UK/Canada/Australia.  We will begin to make copyright determinations as reviewers demonstrate the required level of expertise and consistency in results. We will populate the CRMS database and make items determined to be public domain open as appropriate.  We will review and audit the results, report out, and refine as needed. The advisory working committee will work with project staff to identify and approach prospective non-US library participants and subject experts with the goal of (1) encouraging library participation in the review process in the respective countries and (2) solicit copyright experts in the respective countries to assist with further research and analysis and as informal spokespersons in their countries for the project.  This activity will continue through Phases 3 and 4. For CRMS-US: We will continue copyright determinations for books published in the US from 1923 to 1963 with the now well-established process.  We will use the new web-based training module to train new reviewers from libraries who desire to commit requisite staff time (in addition to partners); the training module allows us to increase the number of qualified reviewers and thus increase the number of books reviewed and expedite the completion of this body of material.

Phase 3 (Twelve months: June 2013 - May 2014) CRMS-World: In Phase 3 of the project we will continue to make expert determinations; populate the database and make items determined to be public domain open as appropriate, continuing to audit, report out, and refine as needed.  New reviewers may be trained using the web-based module if there are qualified volunteers from US or non-US participants that may be engaged in the course of the project. For CRMS-US: We will complete the review of the 1923-63 US, recognizing that additional contributions to the HathiTrust may increase the number of books to be reviewed accordingly in this class.  Depending on whether we have completed reviews for the books in this category (or how close we are to that goal), the project manager for the US reviewers will transition to support of the CRMS-World effort or similar project-related work.  If the US body is complete, the project manager for CRMS-World will also train and transition US Experts and reviewers to the World reviews. The programmer will maintain the database and program for CRMS-US and CRMs-World. The Working Advisory Committee will receive reports from the project manager on the status of the reviews (noting any questions or issues for consideration) and will continue oversight of status of reviews/determinations. With project staff, they will continue identifying new participant libraries outside the US.

Phase 4 (Twelve months: June 2014 - May 2015): By Phase 4, the database and programming for the CRMS (both US and World) will be established and stable.  For CRMS-World (and CRMS-US as needed) we will continue copyright determinations; populate the database; and make public domain items open as appropriate.  We will host a final project meeting with the Working Advisory Committee to review and discuss a summary report and propose next steps for copyright determination efforts.

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