Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Most library online resources are limited to current University of Michigan faculty, staff and students. Researchers not affiliated with the University of Michigan, as well as U-M alumni, will be restricted to freely available online resources, such as Mirlyn, the library catalog. 

If you are on the Ann Arbor campus, you may access library resources without logging into the campus authentication system, however many library services are only available with a valid login (such as the Interlibrary Loan request service or “Get This!” delivery service). If you are not on campus, you will be asked to log in before you can access these library resources and services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t have an UM uniqname or Kerberos password (ITS computing account). What do I do?
Come visit us! Anyone on site can access most of the University Library resources. If you are a UM student, staff or faculty, contact the Information & Technology Services Accounts Office (ITS) about your eligibility for a UM uniqname and Kerberos password.

I’m a U-M alum with a uniqname and Kerberos password. Why can’t I access library resources from off-campus?
The University Library negotiates a license for an online resource with the publisher or vendor of the resource on behalf of the UM community, which is defined as all current faculty, staff and students. Graduate students who are not enrolled but are still in a degree program are part of the current UM community. Our licensing contracts do not permit unauthenticated (“guest”) access to library resources, except for some on-campus computers. UM alumni may visit campus to enjoy full access to most library resources. Or, try looking at web sites with links to free resources, such as some of the University Library’s Digital Library Production Service collections, the State of Michigan’s eLibrary, or the Internet Public Library. In addition, the UM Alumni Association provides off-campus access to selected online resources, as a benefit to dues-paying members.

I'm off-campus and trying to access an online journal or database. I'm not being asked to login but I still can't get to the article/database. Why not?
When off-campus, you need to access online journals and databases via Mirlyn, the Online Journals list, Search Tools, or the M Get It menu. When clicking on the link to the online journal/database, you will be prompted to login to the UM authentication page. You will not be able to type the online journal/database URL directly into the browser or bookmark the page. Tip: you might considering using our proxy bookmarklet, which helps you reload a library web page through the U-M Library's proxy server. Watch our video for additional help.

I have a computer using Firefox version 2.x. Can I access library resources?
Most library online resources are only compatible with the latest versions of popular web browsers. The library recommends Firefox 15.x or above; Internet Explorer 8.0 or above; Safari 3.x or above; etc. In addition, you may experience some problems accessing library resources if your computer uses a firewall, a browser pop-up blocker, or if you do not have cookies or javascript enabled in your browser.

Hey! Are you collecting data about me when I use the library’s resources?
For details on the University Library’s privacy policy, see

Where can I get help accessing library online resources?
If you need help, contact the Ask a Librarian service with a detailed message about the problem you encountered and which resource you were trying to access. We're happy to help you!

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Last modified: 10/24/2013