Hatcher Graduate Library Stacks Guide

Call Number Location
AC-AM, AP-AZ 1 North (East to West)
AN Serials ServicesBuhr Facility
B-BD 4A North (East)
BF 6 South
BH-BX 4A North (East to West)
C-CT 4 South
D-DB 4 South
DC-DX 5 South
E 5 South
F 5 South
G-GV 6 South
H-HD 7999 Basement A North
HD 8000-HE Basement North (East to West)
HF-HJ Basement North (West)
HM-HN 1A North (Center-West)
HQ-HX 1A North (West)
J-JZ 6 South
K-KZ 6 South
L-LT 6 South
M-MT 6 South
N-NX 6 South
P-PM, PQ-PZ 4 South
PN 1 North (Center)
Q-QR 1A North (East)
R-RZ 1A North (East)
S-SK 1A North (East)
T-TX 1A North (East)
U-UH 1A North (Center)
V-VM 1A North (Center)
X2.B-X2.T Buhr Facility
X2.V-X3.B 1 North (Center)
Z1-Z 1199 2A North (East)
Z 1200-ZA 2 North (East)
350 6 South
800-889 3 South
890-899 4 South


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